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New Year with Hope of NAYA PAKISTAN

A beautiful day, Sun hidden behind white clouds Chattering of birds, sound of swings, laughing of kids, wind blowing lightly. Everyone enjoying winter vacations.


 Anny:  What date is today?

Sarah:  Its 30 December

Anny: What? Its 30th already?

Sarah: Yes, why are you so shocked?

Anny: Don’t you remember we are supposed to wear costume on eve of New Year. Oh God I haven’t prepared mine yet.

Sarah: Well you should get on to work. We still have lot of work to do.

Anny: Have you arranged fireworks, and snacks? What about pamphlets? Who is distributing them?

Sarah: Don’t worry about anything. We have been waiting for this day for whole year. Everything is under control. I’ll be waiting for you in park around 11 pm.

Anny: Don’t worry I’ll be there on precise time.


New Year Eve

Cold breeze whispering, snow glittering, colorful lights twinkling, boys chatting, girls laughing, kids playing, Band singing, couple dancing. Clock ticking, time flying.

Everyone went silent and mutually started counting

5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

One millisecond silent and everyone started chanting “Happy New Year”.

Fireworks lighted the dark night, girls and kids started waving sparkly sticks which gave imitation of Stars dancing in park.  It was the night filled with love, joy, adore, delight, pleasure as if no trial of evilness exist. Everyone was enjoying the beautiful night and greeting each other.

Anny and Sarah had best time of their life. And they will never forget this night until next New Year eve.

The End.


“Wow Mom. When you were reading the story, it felt as if I was in the park. What a beautiful story.”

“I’m glad you like it dear. It’s getting late you better get some sleep now.”

“Mom tomorrow is New Year eve. Right?”

“Yes dear.”

“Oh goodie. We are also going to celebrate like this aren’t we?”

“I am sorry dear but no! We are not going to celebrate like Anny and Sarah because of some security reason.”

“Mom you always says that. That’s not fare. We can’t celebrate Bassant, Eid, festivals because of poor security. “

“I can feel your rage dear. But what can we do. Instead of strengthening security Government is prohibiting us to celebrate. That’s how it works here. But don’t worry, I’ll make snacks and we will celebrate New Year at home. Now get some sleep. Good Night dear.”


So this is our New Year celebration. No party, no fireworks, and no get together, no twinkling lights hence no excitement in air. Alas! another New Year eve spent in home.

But that’s it. Enough is enough. Our government can spend Billion dollars on private chopper, metro bus, motorway, Jangla bus, VIP protocol but can’t spend even a single penny on security? Instead of making our security better, they are prohibiting us from celebrating New Year, Bassant, 14 August and other events and festivals.

Our everyday life is so busy, hard, hectic, demanding that it is difficult to take some time out. Hence we wait for these sorts of events so we can be cool minded, meet our friends and neighbors, be blissful, and relaxed. These events should be promoted instead of outlawing it because it strengthens links, bond, friendship, and love.

It is one of our democratic rights to celebrate, and as usual our so called democratic government is taking it away from us. According to them democracy means

  • For the Government.
  • By the Government.
  • To the Government.

People are nowhere to be seen in their definition of Democracy. So we cannot expect Government to make developments for relief of people.

We have dealt with many miseries, harm, hatred, corruption, fraud, Mafia gangs and other illegal activities. Smile that once glowed is faded. Eyes that once sparkled are filled with tears. Face once plane is now covered with wrinkles. Negativity has covered the edges of our country. Dark clouds have spread all over the places.

We are not celebrating this New Year because of 16 December horrible incident. But question is, “were we allowed to celebrate before?” “NO!

We as people of Pakistan have more than enough power to help this country stand and rise without any help from government. Regrettably we don’t have any platform on which we can show our strength.

But not now. Not anymore. Thanks to our beloved leader Imran khan, he has taught us to stand up on our feet, to speak up for our rights. And if we are still deprived from our rights, instead of sitting in home defeated, we should come outside and peacefully protest. This is our democratic right. And we will come out to protest because they are prohibiting from celebration.

As Insaafians we believe that next year is our year. Next year is Pakistan Tehreek- e- Insaaf Year. Next year is people year. Next year leaders we believe in will be in government and together we will bring change in this country. Together we will make Naya Pakistan in which wind will whisper love, joy will blossom, culture and traditions will bring bright colors, smile will glow, eyes will sparkle, and respect will be given. I have full faith, hope in my leader. He will bring back our culture, and Jinnah’s Pakistan. InshAllah

May Allah Almighty give us strength to change the faith of our country.

Let’s start New Year 2015 with hope of Naya Pakistan.


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