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What’s love got to do with it?

To be quite honest, it really doesn’t have much to do with anything at all, now, this business of love. It’s mostly a sham that we employ to use people, to enslave them, to make them do what we’d like them to do, to influence others. I can see them!!! -the eyebrows being raised, the faces getting pinched, the fingers itching to rise in my direction, and yes I hear, loud and clear, the condemning voices in your minds of ‘there she goes again the cynical woman!’ well, sorry to scoot you a little from your cushy little comfort zone, but I can’t quite help myself being the treacherous character that I am, and to be frightfully blatant I find this saliva tingly satisfying seeing others suffer just a little WHAT? Oh am I now actually affecting your sensitivities, my apologies for that, but someones’ got to show you the light and better me than the next person. So where was I? yes, my premise is that there is no genuine love (romantic) in this world.

People claim to love and to die in their devotion to the other, and shower their affection on the object of their desire, but does that really happen? For whenever, I hear men talk of their so-called beloved there is always and mind you it never fails to appear, a certain malice, a certain sarcasm, a placid hidden irony of being in bondage to that person! Why so? If love is what it is claimed to be then shouldn’t it free our souls and make us calmer and more comfortable and sure of ourselves. Why is there always an effort to affect a predefined and approved ‘persona’ in front of the beloved/ (wife/husband, I’m assuming its love that’s shared and not acrimony) and once away from that person I find the person assume his real self, his real being.

What is this drama? seriously? am I just imagining this? am I paranoid? but it has happened too many times for it to be mere fantasy. I have reasons to be called names in this regard, but then that hardly deters me from saying my mind and that too out loud. What we encounter nowadays are ‘relationships’ of convenience, of compromise, of complacency, of not having another choice, of not being able to let go, of denial. so many women today are in relationships simply because better this than to face the unknown, and be out there alone and defenseless. Am I being super-judgmental, I suppose I am, but then why the hell not, I’m hardly a hate monger (liar) but do we as individuals have the courage to live the life we want to live, can we even begin to comprehend what is it that we actually aspire and value in life? what means the most to us? and then attune ourselves to it, to those core values. Can we begin to love for just the sake of loving? can we?

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