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Musharraf’s era far better than so called democratic leaders

Pakistan Ka Allah Hi Hafiz Hai

The famous words stated by former President and COAS Pervez Musharraf. For years the so called democratic namely the PPP and PMLN constantly taunted at the former President pressing on calling him a “Dictator” and more recently a “Ghaddaar.” But unfortunately for the two main stream status quo parties it seems that Pervez Musharraf as always was right.

The recent issues regarding petrol highlighted just how incompetent the current government is! If it wasn’t bad enough that water, gas and electricity had been affected in the past 7 years by corruption and incompetence, now to make matters worse petrol is getting affected by this incompetent government and we have heard all the same excuses and justifications from the PMLN government! “We will form a commission to investigate the matter…Why did PTI not do a dharna against the shortage of petrol? … We will not forgive the wrongdoers…The fault behind this is OGRA.” Unfortunately it seems no one is ready to take responsibility for the mess up including the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif!

The best way to sum up fault of the petrol issue is, the fault lies with the government and Nawaz Sharif! As if it wasn’t enough that due to the government’s laziness and due to the government’s inability to take action we now alongside electricity, gas and water can add petrol to the list of problems which will face Pakistan in near future. While our army is fighting terrorism, dealing with terrorists and running the necessary military courts, our government is taking a back seat!

The saddest part to this is that the government was aware that there was a huge petrol shortage especially in the Punjab region yet took no necessary action to combat the issue or problem! Nawaz was in Saudi Arabia and it seems the rest of the government officials (many of whom are Nawaz’s family) were either asleep, blind to the problems or (as is the usual case with the PMLN government) they did not care. With no one really taking responsibility and our army already with their hands full, we can now see why Pervez Musharraf said “Pakistan Ka Allah Hi Hafiz Hai.”

For those who will now say “Well Pervez Musharraf did nothing for the electricity crisis in the country or the petrol crisis or the water crisis or the gas crisis” the reply to this is simple. Pervez Musharraf has done a lot more for each of these sectors than the Nawaz or Zardari government could have done together even. In fact if we take a look at the statistics, as it stood at the end of Pervez Musharraf’s tenure, electricity production capability was 19,000 megawatts! The current electricity usage lies at approximately 13,000 megawatts! So, then why is the load shedding still continuing? Baring this in mind this should completely refute the fact that we don’t have the capability of producing the electricity, the problem lies with corruption, circular debt, lack of maintenance to production houses and once again incompetent governments!

Let’s take for example the shortage of water which we have seen more evidently in the past year! How is it that in 5 years of the PPP government and nearly 2 years of the PMLN government not a single dam has been constructed! How many irrigation systems have been made? During Pervez Musharraf’s tenure let us be reminded that several dams were built including Mirani, Subakzai, Gomalzam, Khurram, Tangi also Mangla Dam was raised increasing the capability of electricity production. Not only did these dams help provide water to smaller areas but also added a total of 3000 megawatts to the national grid at the time!

Let us not forget that Pervez Musharraf had also pushed and had re-started work on the controversial Kala Bagh Dam in a stance to help beat the growing urgency for water as well as to increase electricity production with a more economic form of energy (hydro). The building of this dam and other dams eased the pressure inflicted on communities by floods. The construction of Kala Bagh Dam was stopped by the way again by the PPP’s Yousaf Raza Gilani! It was previously stopped by Benazir Bhutto after the era of Zia-Ul-Haq.

In early 2000’s, petrol at that time was a necessity that could have possibilities of running low, it was at that time that Pervez Musharraf had introduced the usage of CNG in Pakistan to ease the pressure on the demand of petrol and allowing more public and private vehicles to run on CNG hence easing the pressure on petrol! This also allowed Pakistan to have huge amounts of petrol reserves later to be used for power production. The reliance on CNG of public and private vehicles including rickshaws meant that a more reliable, cheaper and environment friendly fuel was being used to run our public and private vehicles hence decreasing the amount of pollution that had fled into major cities of Pakistan. With Pervez Musharraf gone the PPP government was incapable of maintaining any of the high standards of governance that Pervez Musharraf had shown in fact if anything the PPP began the ruining of all major institutions set up by Pervez Musharraf including OGRA.

It can easily be said by so called democrats that they bought democracy to Pakistan! But unfortunately the only thing which these PPP and PMLN bought to Pakistan was destruction. They have ruined us and plunged us into a state where we can no longer even function as a country. In fact we are struggling to survive! The latest energy crisis in relation to petrol is once again a knock on effect on the incompetence and corruption of the current and previous government! Roads and metro buses however useful maybe are useless if we do not have the fuel to power vehicles to run on them! Pervez Musharraf has been tried and has succeeded before but until we get leadership like him again in Pakistan it can be understandably said that “Pakistan Ka Allah Hi Hafiz Hai.”

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