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Despicable Pakistan

Pakistan is a strange place. Humans sans souls inhabit this desolate region. It is a degenerate, vile, decrepit, barren, desert, rend apart by acrid winds of hate, disgust and disillusion. Man beast breathes this vile air and roams this hell on earth. Pakistan is Hades incarnate rife with damned dead people who clutch onto every living soul to help them escape from this underworld.

Pakistan, with its numberless damned souls is stifling, suffocating, and claustrophobic where all is topsy-turvy. Good is evil and Evil good, Truth Deception and Deception Truth, what is seen unreal and what remains unseen real, where up is down and down up, where beasts have souls and humans, beasts.

Here is a panoramic view of the Pakistani spirit: Our values are base, good equates success, position, and the power to spend money. We admire the rich around us, big palatial houses, bigger cars, and even bigger egos. They impress upon us and we are smitten, stung by the in suppressible urge to acquire more. More material possessions equate honor, respectability and status in society as they vouch for shrewdness and cunning. In this arena, those who are sly, quick-thinking, self-serving and immoral are the winners, they hold the trophies and they are the lauded. Hard work, honesty, being right are not important rather these qualities makes a man uncompromising, rigid and not of the times. Such a man, who retains a little of the man in him and is yet not turned into a complete beast, is on his way to extinction simply because his traits are not conducive to survival.

Pakistanis are wicked to the core. They are the sort who would stab you in the back and actually congratulate themselves on being courageous and magnanimous. They are the lowest of the low, known all over the world as crooks and petty con-men; they have steadily gained the reputation of being killers and suicide bombers.

They are artless, awkward and graceless. In Pakistan we are bankrupt of culture; we produce nothing in the name of good literature, instead present laurels to the bad we churn out. We have had no great thinker in all of our 50 years plus history which in literary time is quite a span. We lack real artists, we have copiers and fakes, and hell, we are proud of them, but real authentic artists we don’t produce nor nurture. We have no drama, no excellent movies, no museums, no art galleries, no well-stocked book stores. We are a starved nation in all senses, we don’t have enough food to eat and we certainly don’t have much to nourish our souls. We are parched and withered, having no dreams, no desires, no fantasies. We even lack the edge of cruel ambition which drives people on to newer vistas. We are the wearied who just stumble along life and look for the shortest path to economic prosperity. We do no not ever think beyond the end of putting food on our table if we are poor, and putting a lot more in our pockets if we are rich. We have no grand aspirations to make our name in this world or the posterior world, we never want to reach out and touch the sky, we are too busy looking at what the next guy is up to. Our ultimate definition of ‘success’ is a place in the government, or holding an influential office or something of the sort that may or may not have any relevance to our own abilities.

Our education smacks of snobbery. To be educated means to be able to speak in an accented English from Hades itself heavily peppered with phrases such as ‘man’, ‘i know’, ‘u know’, ‘maybe’, ‘wow’, ‘like’, ‘awesome’ and a few curse words. Education means you must look down upon more than half the people of your country, and hell, feel actually liberal and elevated by doing that. It means you acquire the right to get what you want how you want it regardless of whether you deserve it. Our youth is flat, umber boring, lacking in individuality, looking for easier ways to make a buck, and lazy. They don’t want to change this country, they merely want things to get so sordid so that life becomes easy for them if they are privileged and if they aren’t then there are all kinds of other ways. I have seen young men not wanting an honest days of work both from the well to do class and also poorer strata because they feel that the world owes them a living and a good one at that, and are angry at it for not delivering it on time.

In this dark and somber underworld, we are doomed to fester forever, for the simple reason- we all are damned to the hilt. Damned not because God has forsaken us, damned because we ourselves have abandoned our souls. We do nothing to look into the depths of our own beings and never ever do we bother to think over our actions, damned because when we do wrong we never admit it instead we try to justify it by means of high flying theories and excuses, we are damned because when we commit a crime we perceive ourselves as victims. And best of all because we never never never repent!!!!!

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