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Live within the boundaries of your budget

Now days, in a materialistic world, everyone wants to go ahead in the race of life. Adult females have specially become a victim of this race because of their suspiciousness with each other. They want to portray themselves as superior to others. Like if her acquaintance or relative buys a new sofa set for the lounge, then she will also buy new one by selling her previous one which she bought only 6 months ago. I think this attitude is completely wrong. We should only spend that money which our budget allows us. It is foolish to adhere to the inferiority complex and spend money wastefully. Here are eight essential tips which one must consider before purchasing personal and household items.

1. Control your dependence on technology: Advancing technology attracts teenagers, adults and young individuals. Not only the boys, girls are also involved in this technology magnetism on day to day basis. Whenever your kids see the iPhone, iPod, tablets, mp3 and laptops, etc., they start demanding for these devices by emotionally blackmailing their parents. Parents give in to their demands due to which budget goes out of control. If parental control at home is practiced vigilantly then they are in a position to explain to their children the value of money. Full reliance on technology destroys our inborn capabilities.

2. Limit your attraction towards fashion trends: It is in the nature of women that they want to explore themselves by trying out different fashion styles. Women believe that wearing latest branded things are the sole manner by which they can prove their beauty, innovation and style. For this purpose, women waste a great amount of money, which was earned by their spouses. Here I suggest that women must change their mindset and believe in inner beauty. Womanhood is to be explored within ourselves, not to be sought by artificial means.

3. Giving priority to needs over wants: Giving priority to the extra things in your shopping list will makes you worry about how to meet your basic needs within the budget. Therefore, you should prioritize important things like bills/payments, food, clothing and educational expenses over unwanted accessories.

4. Maintain your health naturally: In our society, a great deal of money is wasted on fast foods. We are well aware about the poor hygienic conditions of these restaurants and cafeterias. Unhealthy foods lead us to constant checkups with our doctors and their expensive consultation and medical fees. If instead of taking our meals from outside vendors, cafeterias and restaurants, women make a habit to feed their families homemade meals on regular basis, then this will definitely improve their family members health and keep the expenses in control.

5. Sweep over the “Showoff” factor: Showing off factor is more common amongst women. They exercise this to keep their social value high among other relatives by spending money lavishly. Women should refrain from this habit of showing off. It is unethical and also puts pressure on one’s budget.

6. Savings: During making a budget, there should be enough flexibility that allows you to save some money. This money will be utilized in the future when you need money for emergency needs.

7. Check and balance: At the end of the month, you should jot down your total monthly expense. It is useful for developing the budget for next month. With this method you will realize the difference between your income and monthly expense and what you must do to maintain your budget for the next month.

8. Mutual cooperation in increasing income: If your income is not sufficient enough to meet your daily expenses then women should contribute in the income generation of their household. Otherwise, there will be hardships and worries about keeping the budget in control.

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