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Peshawar Attack – One Month – In line for Justice

16th December 2014 one of the darkest days that Pakistan had ever faced when our youngsters fought like brave sons of soil in our war on terror. With 135 souls getting slain by barbaric beasts generating fear and panic among the citizens, snatching hope and happiness from the victimized families; the green and white flag spilled with blood of its own children.

One month on. Where do we stand? Do we have anything for the bereaved families?

This frustrated angry heart, full of emotion and pain has no place to complain. The ruthless attack did bring the entire country on one platform, every eye tearful but that was just for a week or so; no concrete step is seen after that. All we see on the idiot box is one blaming the other, mudslinging, and rumor-mongers and yes; who can miss the wedding of a politician.

If someone decides to have their wedding as a low key event, why does the media have to create a hype overshadowing the heart wrenching incident that occurred sometime back? How hypocrites are we? Two weeks back we have sad music on our screens and two weeks later wedding songs; can we STOP forgetting our tragedies?

Every other day there is terrible news coming in. Sectarian killings on the rise, dreadful road accidents, inflation rates, rape and domestic violence; name it and we have it happening in the land of pure. And the worst case is no one’s ready to take responsibility lets do something practical. Those in power claim of hands being tied or explaining the problem as so chaotic; one feels sorry for them.

When will we realize that it’s enough of sacrifices?

When will we stop fooling ourselves that we are very resilient?

When will we come forward boldly and take matter in our own hands?

Our so called military and civilian leadership should be ashamed of letting those innocent children take bullets in their chest; yet they stand so motivated and determined in eliminating terrorism in Pakistan. How many more killings do we need to come down to indiscriminate accountability? I want to bang my head on the wall when I witness sheer bigotry on the television; we’ve crossed all limits of hypocrisy.

It’s been a month and yet we keep arguing on whose fault it was, who is to be hanged and who not. COAS has visited the school, why not a civilian leader. Who got questioned and who got booed by parents? How many autographs and pictures did the children take?

Can someone hold a beacon of hope?

Will somebody come forward and speak the truth?

17 killings in Paris and 1.5 million Parisians on street with 40 or more head of states from Europe and across leading a rally whereas Pakistan sacrificed 135 of its precious souls; sadly couldn’t unite 1.8 million of its population. No world leader would even bother visiting the grieving city of Peshawar.

When will we start respecting our own selves?

It’s time when we stop fighting among selves and think collectively as a nation. Political differences are well accepted but these serious issues need to be sorted out before everything. APS haunts every human soul, then why have we become so inhumane in getting into other arguments rather than focusing on the main point.

All we have is condemnations, committees and promises being made. Where is the action?

The innocent voice is lot honest then most of our leadership.

‘I am a nation whose children frighten him… Some enemy he is, who targets children.’

Oh God! Please never let Pakistan go through the pain it went on 16th December 2014. It’s beyond bearing. The heart cries and screams in agony. Don’t let us carry the smallest coffins. This nation can no longer lose its flowers.

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