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The current week!

The current week’s version of French sarcastic magazine Charlie Hebdo will demonstrate a cartoon delineating the Prophet Muhammad holding a “Je suis Charlie” sign to avenge the blood of the writers at Charlie Hebdo, who are currently  being praised as saints for the benefit of flexibility of representation. Lets face it, if the Charlie Hebdo had tried to publish the anti-christ cartoons , or cartoons about Roman- Catholic over the past years , they would have been shutdown till now. Plus I have seen many Facebook pages publishing statuses and people holding the slogans saying “I am Charlie Hebdo”, But isn’t it inaccurate for those people to claim this? , as most of them are not involved in puerile act of offending anyone’s religion that that Charlie Hebdo was specialized in.

This crisis had  began back in February 2006, in a very important meeting placed in Charlie Hebdo’s head office to talk about creating satirical graphics regarding Prophet (PBUH), which resulted in a nightmare for them. The leading perpetrator powering in this embarrassing act had been the particular famous cartoonist, Cabu, who was simply famous for his vulgar and also sharp style of irony. Cabu had been supporting the particular cartoonists of Denmark, who had simply just grappled together with identical issue within September 2005. For him, Provocation on Religious philosophy had been “Freedom of expression”. Tired ideas, absolutely no?

Well in that meeting column panel determined, that they would replicate those cartoons on February 8 matter. Along with Following the posting of these characters, Cabu was given within police force protection. Nevertheless who believed then after 9 many years, the gun gentleman would thunderstorm into their workplace in addition to kill these people in order to avenge the shameful work.

Billions of people, also Muslims came out on streets to protest against the massacre, Muslims were seen holding the banners ‘’Touche pas a mon pays”, or “Hands off my country” , Other slogans proclaimed, the men who murdered were not muslims – as the Muslim officer gave his life while protecting Charlie Hebdo. I dont know whether the Muslims there are that much “Patriot” or they are merely doing that because they dont want to be highlighted as a threat to them? Muslims had been once more highlighted to be a terrorist. Yet Islam is usually critical to this? Why don’t any NGO or Human being Legal rights lifted style against the Charlie Hebdo, once they published those cartoons??

Satirist and Cartoonist expose the particular flaws and vanity of societies, definitely not smashing the standard civil society barriers. Healthy societies do not suppress the speech but they always maintain a difference between the “intellectual mind” and “Racist mind”. Individuals who want to possibly be observed constantly need to make that by way of his execute.. Massacre of Charlie Hebdo taught us to end speech code, Societies should maintain civil standards and people who offend someone’s religious views should not be granted full respect and there should be an end to social discrimination. But the rubbish act by Charlie Hebdo of publishing the cartoons again is same as If you are 13, and it seems like daring in addition to attention grabbing to ridicule some people’s faith based values but after you are grown up, it seems puerile. Charlie Hebdo must prepare themselves for deadly consequences because this time retaliation would be even worst.

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