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I Stand Corrected, kudos Imran Khan

Today as Pakistan collectively mourns and grieves in what may be the most barbaric act of terrorism in its already blood stained & violent history, I have nothing but admiration, reverence and respect for the PTI’s chairman Imran Khan today.

He has displayed and proven today that he and his party is more than capable of rising to the occasion for the combined interest of Pakistan. I never voted for PTI, nor was ever an enthusiast of their self-fulfilling forced bravado but today after calling the Dharna off, Imran Khan has exhibited that the party’s interest are secondary.He hasn’t just given a lip service by only condemning the ghastly and upsetting act of terrorism which took place in Peshawar but by his actions of sitting with his arch nemesis Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif shoulder to shoulder after such animosity and hostility vis-à-vis what transpired in the past four months or so.

It was the dire need of the hour, to exhibit a united face against those retrogressive and Anti-Pakistan elements that are out to weaken Pakistan under false pretenses.  Now that the opposition and the Government forces are on the same page, responding to and eradicating the menace of terrorism which is tearing the very social fabric of our country has been further augmented efficaciously by this political gesture of Imran Khan.

Though the wounds run deep but this will prove somewhat a remedial and a healing factor for the nation which is in a state of shock and mourning.  Furthermore, myself included, I amongst other naysayers stand corrected today,to have thought in the past that Imran Khan is fighting a prolong battle of ego with the Government and the Dharna was exhausting the nation as a whole.

Additionally, it will help in contracting the vast gulf of trust deficit that stood in-between PTI & the Government. At the same time with a sigh of regret and remorse, it took the loss of 140 + innocent lives of children in order to break this ice between the aforementioned two entities (PTI, Government).

Perhaps if they have sooner restored cordial/ working relations with each other as oppose to animosity and bitterness, this horrid act of terrorism could have been thwarted due to better oversight and vigilance. The whole nation was enamored and smitten with the political happenings that were taking place one after the other and these terrorists meanwhile slipped right in-between the cracks and inflicted this inconceivable barbaric act upon us.

To conclude, whenever we revert back to this day and remember 16/12, a date  which will live in infamy, it will reverberate with the same intensity as it has been echoed today and it will demonstrate that Imran Khan stood on the RIGHT side of the history. Kudos Khan, you have made all of us proud, your supporters & opposers alike!

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