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Stop Apologizing

It has now become a standard practice of the Muslims living in the west to immediately become apologetic following any occurrence of violence involving an individual or a group which uses an Islamic name or slogan to perpetrate their violent activity. This over apologetic attitude of the Muslims was clearly exhibited following the December, Sydney Hostage crises and horrific French attacks.

One of the major reason of this over apologetic attitude of the Muslims living in the west is that the Society suspects you to be a sympathizer of the terrorist if you don’t rush to condemn the acts of violence. But ironically, people often neglect that why Muslims should apologies for the crime of other fellow Muslims. All the Individuals and groups are responsible, accountable and pliable for their own views and acts. Pope John Paul II has beautifully explained this in the Catechism of the Catholic Church in following words, ‘Freedom is the power, rooted in reason and will, to act or not to act, to do this or that, and so to perform deliberate actions on one’s own responsibility’.

Ironically, this practice of becoming apologetic is just confined to Muslim communities. World has recently witnessed the Genocide of the Muslims by the Buddhists of Burma, there is a rise of fanatic Hindu extremism in India, a recent UN report suggests that Christian militias are engaged in Massacre of Muslims in ongoing Central African Republic civil war. But we have not seen Buddhists, Hindus or Christians becoming apologetic for the ‘individuals’ acts’ of violenceby the virtue of their shared religion.

Muslims’ over-apologetic approach sometimes lead many to perceive that every Muslim is probably a terrorist or all the terrorists are Muslim and Islam is the only threat to the World’s peace. The fact remains, Muslims are the biggest victim of terrorism themselves. Islam believes in the sanctity of the human life and this is why Islam considers the safety and peace of individuals to be the very core of the religion. Islam directs its true followers towards the attainment of peace in human life and society. This directive is not only theoretical advice but also a concrete establishment of principles, rules, and regulations, by means of a revelatory knowledge that can be counted on to lay down the right solution to solve all disputes between both individuals and societies. In light of core Islamic texts, the act of inciting terror in the hearts of defenseless civilians, the destruction of building and properties, the bombing and defacement of innocent men, women, and children, are all forbidden and are culpable, hateful acts according to Islam.

As the world sees what is happening in Syria, Iraq, Pakistan and in other parts of the world, and what few groups, individuals are doing under the name of Islam to malign the Muslim faith in the eyes of the world. They have absolutely nothing to do with Islam as these tremendously perilous, vicious, fanatics are the part of a particular cult who have camouflaged themselves wearing the cloak of Islam. The vast majorities of Muslims follow a religion of peace, mercy, and forgiveness, and have nothing to do with the violent events that have become associated with some Muslims.Therefore the world should cease expecting Muslims to prove their innocence just because of their faith.

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