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Sarah Michelle Gellar Rumored To Star In ‘Scream Queens’

Screams are in the air! The 37-year old actress, Sarah Michelle Gellar is rumored to star in the upcoming horror anthology TV series entitled ‘Scream Queens’ says IMDB. I, for one, would love to see Sarah back on the small screen.

When asked about her return to television in her recent interview for Spec Saver, Gellar answered that she will make a surprise return after some time. Could Scream Queens be that ‘surprise’ package? I sure hope so! The series will be created by Ryan Murphy, Ian Brennan and Brad Falchuk. The plot of the show revolves around a college terrorized by a series of inexplicable murders. The series also stars the scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis and Emma Roberts in the leading roles. Both, Gellar and Roberts have starred in the horror Scream film series. Emma portrayed a deranged psychopathic killer in ‘Scream 4’ in 2011 while Sarah played a decent role of Casey Cooper in ‘Scream 2’ back in 1998. Curtis, who is well known for her popular film roles in the Halloween series, ‘Prom Night’ and ‘The Fog’ is also a great addition to the cast.

Fox has already ordered fifteen episodes of the series. It is time that Gellar commits to a project that compliments her forte i.e. horror. I am really looking forward to seeing her in a fresh horror series as she is a modern-day Scream queen in my humble opinion. She has starred in more than four horror films including ‘The Grudge’, ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ and ‘The Return.’ I and many other Gellar fans are eagerly waiting for her return to television. Let’s hope she gets a starring role in Scream Queens!

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