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Team Pakistan “seemingly” not strong but high spirited

As the greatly awaited world cup comes closer, the criticism received by the National team grows louder and higher. People are seem vituperating selection board and its decision. They are seen putting the heads of greens down. Players may lose that spirit of fighting through this. Is this how a nation supports its team? Is this how we raise their morale to fight? Can those critics count the proclivity of winning the world cup in their blood? To support my argument, i want to add that this squad comes into the final form, after series and series of repartee of highly experienced and solicitous board of selectors and ex-players.

I have seen a strong criticism on Pakistani squad in the recent days, to some people, Pakistani squad is pallid, due to inexperience and lacking experienced players. Some players like Ehsan Adil, Haris Sohail and Sohail Khan will be given their first World Cup cap. Why? because they are worth it. They have performed well in domestic games and are admired by selectors.

The chief selector and the staff members, who are very experienced, seems cogent about the squad they have chosen for World cup.“You win some and lose some matches. But we just want to see our team giving 100 percent and fighting hard” said Moin Khan, the chief selector, about the young but assiduous Green machines who are ready to fight for the glory.

We should not be decrying them. Should we? Recently PCB had seen many ups and downs due to the politics that hit the PCB in recent months, gave nothing but chants of humiliation to the cricket society .Chairman of PCB was changed more than three or four times, just to satisfy the ego of some politicians, players were involved in conflicts. We have heard calumny that Misbah would be replaced as skipper. Despite of all these licentious moves that occurred recently, PCB took a bold and a very good step by selecting young and enthusiastic squad, based on merit.

Well there is no point in that our squad is well balanced, with two openers, four middle order batsman, a spinner, five striking bowlers and two all-rounders with wicket-keeper. We still have the most talented and experienced players like Afridi , Misbah and Younis Khan. They have the ability to turn the tables at any point of the game. Afridi is probably playing his last World Cup and he’d put his everything to win it for Pakistan. We have a well experienced captain Misbah, who is the most successful captain of Pakistan till now. Some players may be neophytes but they are well talented and have high spirits.

Who would deny that Ahmad Shahzad can destroy any bowler with his tactics and hard-hitting?According to the Selectors, the squad was selected on the basis of suitability of playing in the conditions in Australia and New Zealand ; performance in domestic cricket and as suggested by coach and captain.

If we look back at 1992 World cup, Pakistan was not a strong team, no one could have even dreamt that Pakistan would win the world cup. Imran Khan was criticised as impetuous and imperious man but he impinged every one by making Pakistan an incontrovertible team, crowning them as Champions. If you ever get chance to see the moments of 1992 World cups, do notice the spirits of the players at that time. They played like a one team, under their captain. They entered in the ground to conquer it.








They took over the world by surprise and nailed it. “Imran’s faith pushed us over the line in 1992” – said Inzimam, the hero of the 1992 World Cup’s Semi final. Nation’s munificence of support can lead our team to win the world cup again, making them paragons of the World cup. We can make a history again. Criticising them, at this time could lead to a failure. Support of nation is the biggest support for any team, and they need it now. I would request everyone to stop the criticism and support them. They are playing for us, they are playing for the pride of Pakistan and InshaAllah, they will fight hard. Earning the world cup is not difficult, but earning a respect is.

All hail to Pakistani Team.

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