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Pakistani Prime Minister Is The Luckiest Prime Minister

Yet another time, the so-called democracy of the nation breached. The current news being, PIA Airbus A320 shall not be able to uphold the scheduled flights for 4 days, the reason being our worth Prime Minister, Mr. Nawaz Shareef who has chartered this flight for his travel to Bahrain. Totally legitimate,right? Not to forget,this is the same Prime Minister who took the notice of PIA airplane traveling from Lahore to Karachi,shelved due to VVIP movement on 1st November 2014.

May be he is the only VVIP in Pakistan who holds the rights to do that and then they call it a “democratic Government”. seems funny, no? This draws out nothing but chants of shame to our situation. PIA has suffered a loss of Rs. 207.69 billions from October 30,2011 to June 2014 according to the report submitted to ECC. Government at that time made promises to rebuild PIA and to make it a successful airline again. Ages ago in Mr Bhutto’s period PIA was considered as one of the best airline in the world. It was ranked in top 10 airlines.

Surprised? Yes, that too was PIA 30 years ago. Air lines companies of the world got better and more competent with time except Pakistan air line which is in slump now. Now,why isn’t this ‘wee’ issue being talked about? Isn’t it even as important as Mr.Khan’s marriage. Probably because we have better things to do in life,updating our Facebook and Twitter accounts about Mr.Khan’s ‘overstated’ wedlock. Is this all we are good at? Gossips and exaggerated palaver. And then we grumble about the current crisis.

Weren’t we told that, “Verily,God does not change the state of a People until they change themselves.” (Al-Quran 13:11) Today every man,prior to saying a word,would wan his tongue to raise voice about this. why? because they don’t want to be treated as Mr.Arjumend was. Yes, the same Mr Arjumend, who was sacked from his job for making live video and raising voice against Mr.Rehman malik who was the reason for delaying the flight for more than two hours. Ending up here,I leave the decision all to you. Isn’t it power and Authority being embezzled?

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