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Captain’s 2nd Innings

It is never late for a man with lively heart to get married. This saying fits well on Former world cup winning captain of Pakistan cricket team and PTI leader Imran Khan. Who retired from international cricket way back but is still hopeful to play the second innings of his life with good temperament. Imran khan has started his new innings with his new life partner Reham Khan on 8th January 2015. The ceremony took place at Banni Gala, Imran Khan’s residence with simplicity.

Imran Khan won the toss for 2nd innings in a Talk show on a local channel where Reham Khan was the host. Imran Khan never knew that this will led him to the beginning of his successful 2nd innings. Reham khan was a weather forecaster at BBC but it seems that spring season has arrived in the lives of the newly wedded couple. Though Imran Khan played his first innings with Jamaima Goldsmith but it couldn’t last for good.

The 62 year old captain has been quiet successful in 2nd innings so far in his life. He bowled brilliantly in 92 world cup final in the second innings and lifted the cup for Pakistan. The Australian grounds are indeed very lucky for Imran Khan. In the past Pakistan won the world cup of 1992 in Australia and now its world cup’15 is in Australia again. The last world cup in Australia made Pakistan the champions. And now before world cup’15 in Australia Imran Khan is blessed with Beautiful wife Reham Khan.

Playing outside Pakistan has not been that favorable to Imran Khan. His partnership with Jamaima Goldsmith from England in 1st innings couldn’t last long. Realizing the fact, captain decided to start his second innings at home ground for more favorable results. As he has been in great form since last few years and transformed into a well organized politician. A consistent all rounder who can makean opponent down with his performance.

In the 2nd innings both of them are extremely experienced in their fields. Have very good know how of the things going around. Wish them both a very happy married life and may they get all the happiness in life. And this innings of their new journey proceeds smoothly.

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