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Ray of Hope

Since Quaid-e-Azam died, this country had been ruled by none other than corrupts politicians. These politicians had done nothing for the people instead made  alot of wealth for themselves. Ignorance of politicians had forced people to start illegal works i.e. robbery, murder, lies, fraud etc. Hence people dragged themselves into a dark deep well. Where they could see no ray of light, no sound of hope.

However, Allah Almighty made only one person to walk on the path which would lead him to the well which was long forgotten by Politicians of Pakistan. He raised his voice “Mere Pakistanio?” People in well heard a faint echo. They thought they only imagined it hence they ignored it. Then again and this time a bit strong voice came “Mere Pakistanio?”

People in well started saying to each other “can u hear something?” “I think someone is calling us”. First time a beautiful yet long lost smile came on their face and they started standing up. “Who on Earth is calling us? It’s all so dark I can’t see anything. There are hard walls around us”.  Again they heard a strong voice “Aye Allah! Please let my Pakistani wake from deep sleep”.

When people heard this they looked up at the entrance of the well and were forced to close their eyes as sharp rays of light entered into the well. After blinking many times they saw a face looking down at them from above. That face was like a ray of hope for the people and at once they stretched out their hand upwards together and the man standing above stretched out his hand downwards. Distance started decreasing with the motivating speeches, advises, from that man. And at last came that precious moment when their hands met, and that man used all his strength to pull every single person out from that dark well.

When last person was taken out from well, they looked up towards their saver and he was none other than Imran Khan. Yes, the same Imran Khan who won the cricket world cup, made SKH and Namal University.

People thought now that Imran has taken us out from well, he will walk away, he will vanish in midst, he like many others will leave us in dark and again we all will fall in dark well. One person asked “will you leave us here like others?” Imran looked at him, smiled and said “No, I will never leave u till you learn to stand on your feet and raise voice for your rights. From now on you are my team, my tigers and we will fight together”.

Hence their dreadful thoughts evaporated.  Though Imran Khan pulled last person out from the well but he didn’t freed out his hand from people. Infact that hold, bond, link strengthened between them.

Imran started leading people on the right path; path filled with light, hope, just, strength. During his journey he kept on advising people how they can become “Shaheen of Iqbal”.  He told them if they managed to follow these 4 points in their life, they will live an honorable life which they truly deserve.

  • Always speak truth
  • Work with just
  • Never give up
  • Destroy the statue of selfishness

In conclusion, all I want to say is this country is lucky to be blessed with true patriotic leader Imran khan. Every single minute is important and if we didn’t utilized this defining moment then we will once again see our future in that dark well. To be very honest, people of this country have changed a lot and are still trying to change. Now is the time that our politicians should change as well. As in Quran it is said “Allah us mulk ki taqdeer us waqt tak nahi badalta jab tak us mulk k log apni taqdeer khud na badlyn”

I strongly believe that Pakistani people are working hard to change their fate so they and this beautiful country can be lead by our beloved leader Imran Khan.

Thank you Allah for giving us another chance. InshAllah we will do our best for the betterment of this country and for making of Naya Pakistan


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