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Why no coverage for Balochistan?

Our media is so vigilant that each and every news from various parts of the country is being telecast within few minutes and in some cases this vigilant behavior is shown in seconds. Whether the news is related to elections, sit-ins, protests, bomb blasts, marriages, movies or even the funny stories like one about a criminal in jail who climbed the top of the jail water supply tank to meet his girl friend. Such news are being telecast for minutes and in some cases this period extends to hours. And in case of processions media coverage continues for the whole day.

I am not writing this piece for the sake of criticism on the quality of news that is being broadcast or not on the duration of these media coverage’s but my sole concern is that this transmission does not have anything for AJK, Gilgit Baltistan and the most neglected one is Balochistan ; the largest province of Pakistan by area.  Many of you will disagree because your opinion would be that media gives space to Balochistan, but re-think and observe which news from Balochistan is able to become a headline or even a small news. Mostly news related to awful accident or bomb blast martyring many Hazaras are broadcast, what else??? there is no answer to this. Media also telecast the same type of news for other parts of country but the question is “Does media only show the negative aspects”? I think that there are many positive aspects that media shows us about other parts of the country.

Lets take the example of  the Sunday morning news which consists of a report of media correspondents regarding different well-known outlets for breakfast located in different parts of country. But most of the time Quetta is neglected in this morning news. Don’t you think that there will be some well known breakfast points in Quetta ?

Talking about politics, just revise the telecast of different channels and go through some leading papers of Pakistan. They will be filled with news regarding processions and the news regarding the sessions of not only National assembly but also of the Provincial assemblies but honestly tell me how many times have we broadcast Balochistan news regarding their cabinet meetings or any re-elections going on? How many times our Investigative reporters have shown any scandal of Balochistan ministry or bureaucracy? The answer to this is never.

Many of you might argue that why the blame is on media? The reason is simple. I don’t expect our politicians to think about it because they have their personal interests and everyone is busy in securing Punjab as victory in Punjab can bring you the premiership of this country. They have not shown any concerns regarding Balochistan but as the fourth pillar of the state I expect media to be act more wisely. I hope that media will enlarge its spectrum of coverage which will be a bridge between neglected parts of this country particularly Balochistan and other parts of the country.

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