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Prisoners of Azad Nagar (land of freedom)

“Prisoner” is a person handcuffed with chains. But let me take you Azaad nagar (land of freedom) a village near Hyderabad, where you won’t see people bound with chains. Chander Kumar has been working in the brick kiln in Azaad Nagar for the past 17 years. He borrowed 50 thousand from his land lord and wasn’t able to return it on time. As a result his family will work there till Kumar returns the due payable amount 1 lac 50 thousand that is with interest.

54 year old Kumar is a patient of lung cancer and several other skin diseases. He works along with his family from dawn to dusk to earn just 1500 rupees. And how bad is that he even has to work despite of severe illness the whole day. His job is to put coal in the underground kiln continuously with the poisonous smoke emitting out of each time he opens the lid of the pit. This poisonous gas has taken lives of many labors working there and most of them are suffering from skin cancer, lung diseases and asthma. Answering to a question Kumar said,” My friend died at the same spot where I’m standing with you right now, suffering from the same disease that I’m suffering from. I’m not afraid of my death I just want to go through this whole thing and don’t want my children to live the life that they are living today because of me”. In saddened tone he answered me.

For the past 17 years he is inhaling poisonous smoke that has caused him lung cancer and several other skin diseases. There are no health facilities for his family and the other families working there. A person died at the kiln workplace, as he was unattended despite of severe illness. No educational facilities are provided to them by the government. They are living in worst possible conditions working in harsh sunlight the whole day long.

If this is the case of the people living in Azaad Nagar, then the terrorists managing their activities and networks from the prison might my living in way better conditions. The people of Azaad Nagar are still living in harsh conditions without proper system of food and water.

The worse is when Mr. Qaim Ali Shah pays visit to interior areas of Sindh with protocol of 94 cars and well managed food items while the people were just there wistfully towards all the luxuries. If this is called public service then we really need to make a strong decision regarding the use of our rights and secondly we must also look into ourselves that somewhere we are also responsible for the negligence of our own basic rights.

There are many other Kumars, like this case who are still under the imprisonment of the feudal mindset and are waiting for someone to save their families from destruction. He just wants to educate his children, that in near future no other can become the prisoner of such cruel feudal lords. This curse of bonded labor should be removed to free the people as God created them to live free. So that they can breathe in fresh air.

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