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The Youth That Never Disappoints

In the perfect little bubble that we live in, where all we think about is wearing expensive clothes and travelling in huge cars and eating fancy dinners, we often forget about how people of the same flesh and blood as us are dying of hunger and cold every day and night. Saying that, I don’t mean to talk about the whole world and its problems. All we really need to do is start looking around us.

The Peshawar attack left us all in tears. Burdened with grief, we tried overcoming the brutal images of the incident. We tortured ourselves about how we couldn’t help the victims and the sadness lasted for days.

What we don’t realize is that we CAN help if we really want to. The people of Thar are dying every minute of every day. Why don’t we feel the same way about them like the way we feel for the Peshawar victims? Are we not giving them enough importance just because they are people not of the same class as us? This is something we should all ask ourselves.



Social Welfare and Trust Society of the Institute of Business Management is a society and a non-profit organization made by young students of IoBM who work tirelessly in the welfare of the less fortunate. No matter what the class, color or creed, the members of S.W.A.T. will be there to help. These members are people who genuinely care about the under privileged, as they spend time with poor and get a first hand view on the life problems of the people. The members of SWAT are a group of socially responsible citizens of Pakistan who even spread education to the young deserving kids of Creek School in Karachi for free, taking out time from their busy university schedule, spreading love and care.

These students are giving back so much to the society by their contributions and hard work. No matter how little or how huge the help is, it’s the thought that counts. And it’s something that we should all appreciate.



Thar Project 2015 is a project that SWAT has launched to help the people of Thar. The famine and poverty in Thar resulted in so many innocent deaths and as responsible citizens; SWAT felt the need to help the countless people there who are in dire need of help. After last year’s success of the Thar Drive 2013, SWAT has now come again to collect donations from the people of Karachi for the famine victims of Thar. These donations will be taken in cash and kind, and the amount collected from the people will be used to buy clothes and quilts for the poor people there to bear the harsh winter nights. Then, the things collected will be taken to Thar by the members of the society as they will travel there and hand over the relief items to the victims in person.

This initiative from a student body needs to be appreciated by the people of Karachi by giving in whatever we have in access to those who don’t even have basic necessities of life. We all need to be socially responsible and step out of our perfect lives for once that so that we can see and feel the pain that our fellow Pakistanis are going through and work towards making their miserable lives better.

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