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Not all is bad happening in Pakistan

In 2014, Pakistan has once again gone through tremendous stress and agony. Public in general felt devastated due to social, economic, political and security unrest. Price-hikes, load-shedding but skyhigh utility bills, unstoppable suicide bombings, sectarian killings in Baluchistan, Karachi gang wars, kidnapping for ransoms, political instability, wrong priorities of incumbent government, and so on and so far. A never ending darkness spread around Pakistan in year 2014. But I see rays of hope in year 2015 which will remove the darkness of year 2014.

First ray of hope is the national unity against war on terror. For the first time since 2004, all major political parties and military leadership unanimously agreed upon a fight to eliminate the terrorists their abettors and sympathizers from Pakistan. Second ray of hope is the struggle of Imran Khan for an Independent Judicial Commission to probe the quantum of rigging in the general election 2013. Imran Khan and his supporters have successfully set a narrative that the elections in May 2013 were not free and fair therefore the legitimacy of current rulers is questionable. All political parties and media in general have accepted that the election 2013 must be probed and those responsible for rigging should be punished. This is a very positive sign for the future of democracy in Pakistan. Third ray of hope is the awareness among the general public especially educated middle class who has been actively engaged and participated in the national movement against the status quo.

Fourth ray of hope is the women participation in the current affairs of Pakistan. Despite resentment and negative propaganda from some fascist extreme mullahs and so-called liberals, women participation in struggle against status quo is applaudable. Fifth ray of hope is the social media activism in Pakistan. Youth of Pakistan is taking over the reins of its future. So-called analysts are no longer able to set a narrative via any traditional media house. Billions of taxpayers were spent in media houses in the recent months to censor the surge against the status quo but all proven to be counter productive.

No doubt, we are heartbroken and devastated on the loss of 135  innocent souls in Peshawar who were wrenched away from us by the monsters. But we are not losers, we will not be defeated by evil. We will fight to eliminate the evil from our motherland. We are now united, we are determined and we are courageous to overcome what went wrong in the past.

We will become a Great Nation. The Nation of Jinnah.

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