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Waiting for another Tragedy

The recent callous, inhumane, iconoclastic and senseless terrorist attack on a public school in Peshawar that transported the innocent little souls to heaven ,changed the mood of those people too who were previously ambivalent about the operations and mindset of draconian Pakistani Taliban. Immediately after the woeful carnage, the political leaders who were before supporting or condoning the terrorists sat together and announced to take avenge for this rampage. PTI chief Imran Khan also respited his 4 months long sit in which was initiated due to purported massive rigging in 2013 general elections.

The incident billowed the unprecedented terror wave at highest level and the vulgar is now really concerned about their young bloods security which may be an achievement for analphabetic barbarians. There is now a political consensus that there exist no “Good Taliban” and all are bad but one thinks what would be the reaction of the so called “Good Taliban” if the state starts an operation against them, would they not retaliate?, is there any counter plan to belittle the predicament reprisal?, or it is just a statement to please the international forces that the period of discrimination ended? we still are unable to see any solid policy or action plan to counter the iconoclastic ideology of Taliban.

Government and PTI again started the tussle that was deferred two weeks before and their attention diverted from the real ardent issue. Shah Mehmoods inkling to start a protest again for rigging in January,would be a shocking news for the people who procures nous. Ostensibly our leaders are waiting for may be a replica of Mumbai attack to wake them up more. The advertisements on main stream media about the possible vengeance by PML-N is not the solution to this conundrum, Nawaz Sharif must lead and not leave it entirely to the armed forces as they can be a part of the solution but not the solution. How will they start a genuine operation against those who were being nourished by them? They only want to shape a large public opinion that terrorists who are pernicious for us are those who are in Tribal areas and those who skedaddled to other settled areas of the country from there. People say for that reason they signed an agreement with Punjabi Taliban and convinced them to strive for proselytizing rather than on ground jihad.

Why Pakistani state believes in a peaceful Pakistan after the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan? Don’t they believe the menace will still be there on the name of Shariah law? Why don’t they think the Afghan Taliban will start the struggle for their own Shariah law, after American withdrawal, with Pakistani Taliban or Jihadists in Pakistan?

Our political leaders can bear another brutal attack on the common people but cannot bear criticism on their shallow policies. When will they see things as they really are? Their only responsibility is to impose emergency in hospitals after bloody attacks.

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