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The Year 2014 and The Transformation Among Many

The ineptitude amidst individuals and groups to acknowledge the other humans and the state continues to deteriorate with the advent of every new day. As a matter of fact, many people have now indulged themselves in futile activities, creating acute agitation not just for others but for their own selves too. However, such sort of tendency is not apprehended very easily by the scores of people.

First of all, I would like to strongly condemn the dreadful incident which took place on the sixteenth of December 2014, at Army Public School in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa’s capital city ‘Peshawar’, which was bathed with the blood of martyrs by a heart-trembling incident. The horrendous tragedy shook not only the Pakistani nation but the entire world.  About 135 souls were massacred on that day.

I pay my heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families of the martyrs and urge them to be resilient .I pray to Almighty Allah to grant patience to the grieved families, the injured victims and bestow a great reward upon them for their patience in this world and the world hereafter. O Almighty Allah! Safeguard my beloved homeland Pakistan from the acts of terrorism as well as corruption and bestow stability and tranquility upon it. Aameen!

The year ‘2014’ that has ended, may be characterized by a dwindling determinant to an extent that ascertains the declination of tolerance among individuals, at an expeditious pace. To me it seems as if, we, the people lack the ability of tolerance.

Don’t you think that in the earlier years, we used to act publicly but in the year 2014, we have been very much political? Very interestingly our entire discourse in the year 2014 consisted nothing else but politics.

This all is because of the fact that we now play with the emotions of others and try to implement our own ideology on others by means of an authoritative power instead of listening to what the other say.We think that only we are right while the other is always wrong, whatsoever. The power to tolerate or even listen to others has come to a complete end. If I am a supporter, an activist or a member of a particular political party, I would only accept my leader’s stance whether he is right or wrong .

On a very serious note, it won’t be wrong to say that our mind’s dictionary has totally rejected the existence of the word ‘tolerance’. It is really unbearable for many of us to practice tolerance in our lives.

REMEMBER !!! Where there is no tolerance, there is no national unity and where there is no national unity, there is no peace. In other words, tolerance and national unity are the terms that are directly proportional to each other.

To change the destiny of Pakistan, all of us individually and collectively will have to promote tolerance and national unity by means of the attainment of proper education. Only this would guarantee for us a strengthened and a peaceful Pakistan.


Pakistan Zindabad !!

Long Live Pakistan !!

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