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What is Emotional Crime?

Since the beginning of the human existence, the existence of the good and bad has come along with it. Humans have the choice to behave in a good or bad manner in their environment. Each and every culture has its own values and priorities but the common thing found in all these societies is the image of crime. The structure of human mind forces ideology and intellectuality to change and evolve with time. The image of crime has also changed with time. Domestic abuse and mental harassment is now considered a crime punishable by the law. Depending on the circumstances, the crime may be of a simple nature such as bullying a co-worker, or severe nature such as planting a bomb in a crowd. Different communities have different punishments for the varied severity levels of crimes but a crime is a crime, no matter how small.

Before explaining emotional crime, I would like to elaborate what is crime. The word ‘crime’ is derived from a Latin word, crimen which means personal judgment or personal decision. In English, crime refers to sinfulness and in French it means foul charge or accusation. It is an illegal act for which the individual or group can be punished by the state or government. Any other individuals involved in the assistance of a crime may also be punished and considered equally guilty. Crime is an act that directly disobeys the law. Every authority in every society has its own laws and penalties for crime. Crime can be of political, social or environmental nature and is an offense to the morals and values of the society.

In sociology, crime is termed as ‘deviant behavior that violates prevailing norms and values of the standard culture prescribing how humans ought to behave normally.’ Sociology has termed it as a behavior and seeks to understand the mind of the criminal. Sciences such as sociology and psychology attempt to study the social, political, psychological and economic conditions of the criminal and propose motives to explain such behavior. These explanations affect the situations of the crime and hence, evolve the form of the law and penal responses made by society. Even though sciences are keen on being objective, but in the case of human behavior it has always proven that we are only human and humans make mistakes, whether they regret them or not.

A culture is forever changing and evolving to fit the needs of its people. For these changes to take place in a culture, new traditions and laws may be proposed while other laws may be changed. Such actions result in the criminalization or decriminalization of certain behaviors and actions. A small change in the law enforcement results in a large change in the public and the rate of crime shifts dramatically. Many crimes exist in the society which are pardoned or neglected to be seen as severe crimes unless there is a profound loss at the hands of the victim. Many of these crimes are consider to be emotional crimes.

What is emotional crime? , Emotional crime is a crime conducted by using people through manipulation of their emotions to attain their own goals unjustly may be economical, political, social, physical, psychological, religious etc.

We see emotional crime occurring almost every day. It is very common in a Pakistani society. Emotional crime ranges from the acts of beggars to the acts of politicians. Beggars make themselves appear to be in need of financial help by wearing torn, filthy and patched clothes and by begging in a needy voice and giving the sake of Allah and Prophet PBUH. They also beg by giving the sake of the welfare, success and long lives of family members. They use the sentimental values of the victim and try to get financial aid which the beggar does not need. Beggars, although live in worn out and feeble cottages, possess the luxury of, TV, cable network, DVD players and mobile phones. They have enough employment opportunities but prefer the dishonorable and lazy life of a beggar. These beggars have chosen various methods for begging. They have gone to new lengths as showing a laminated letter or medical report which states that the beggar is in true need. There was also an old woman seen to have been using her old age as a tool for begging. She showed to be having difficulty crossing the road and if someone helped her cross, she would thank the individual and then ask for financial aid. The person would be tilted to helping her due to the human nature to trust someone with whom one has had a distinct amount of interaction. Other beggars have taken the approach to be financially well and need money for only today and propose fake stories. While some other beggars choose a fake or real disability as a tool for emotional crime. Drug addicts also choose the path of beggary and commit emotional crime.

Similarly emotional crime is conducted by people who propose to have religious knowledge. This type of emotional crime is common in Pakistan due to many Muslims who believe in black art. Muslims give financial aid to the pious people living in the darbaars and mosques. People commit emotional crime by choosing to stay there for such unjust and undeserving aid. Many pirs of Pakistan commit emotional crime by claiming to remove the effects of black magic from the victims and other such entities and get paid handsomely in return. The victims of such emotional crime reaches every length to fulfill the demands of the pir and do not attain any satisfaction. Mosque completion, decoration and facilities are attained by the contribution of the public, hence is used unjustly by the mosque people for personal gains.

Emotional crime is also seen conducted by the politicians. This case is seen from both  lower to upper level such as a politician of a small district to the president and prime minister of the country. Every politician uses the values of people and proposes to fulfill the requirements and needs of the people which are never fulfilled. They use emotional symbols, speeches and values for their advantage. They do everything to manipulate the people into giving votes to that particular candidate. These empty promises and sentimental speeches for manipulation are emotional crimes.

In Pakistan, emotional crimes cannot be punishable unless the law and order situation of the country does not organize itself. Crimes such as murder, rape and theft are overlooked in numerous cases so I do not expect the recognition and punishment of emotional crimes soon enough. But people hate to be fooled and used. Emotional crime revolves around manipulation of emotions and usage of people. Emotional crime should be recognized. There should be a law and punishment regarding emotional crimes.

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