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Are You With Pakistan?

It has been years of confusion in our multi-ethnic society about terrorism and terrorists. Somebody’s terrorist was someone’s hero. One school of thought considered it treason and other said it is one of the most patriotic acts. What we missed was that we always tried to justify this curse on Pakistan as “Who we are” and in all this process we forgot “ What we were”.

We are the nation that believes in conspiracy theories. So we were directed that this is nothing but a Zio-American agenda to make Pakistan unstable. And we also kept on believing that it was merely India behind fueling all of our problems. Did we thought for a single minute that if at all this is the Israel-America-India troika that is doing all these bad things to Pakistan (and to some extent yes they are doing far more bad things against Pakistan) , then who is providing them with man power, who is giving them that Ideological baseline that is so strong that they even explode themselves. We did not even bother to think that who presents himself to this obnoxious and dirty game. No, we were satisfied to acknowledge the fact that this all done by international powers and having been acknowledged that we know all this we thought our job was done.

It’s unfortunate that people like Molvi Abdul Aziz, Munawar Hassan , Soofi Muhammad , Molana Ludhianvi and many others enjoy a lot of public likeness and there are no less people who support their ideology. I do not question their ideology, but I question people’s silence, I question this hypocrisy that was order of the day in our society. They were firm to their ideology and we were not ready to show our strength. And when things escalated to such a level that they killed our children we woke up to say “oh No”. Is that enough. Is that true that Pakistanis suffer from short term memory. Is that true that we tend to forget a tragedy until next. We need to prove this label wrong. We need to stand up. We need to keep this wound unhealed. We need to reclaim our mosques from these Jihadi Franchisers. We need to ask ourselves Am I a Pakistani. We need to reject Lal Masjid’s mindset. We need to reject religious madness. We need to stop considering people like Mumtaz Qadri as heroes. We need to give a strong message to these murderous thugs that you are no more considered any asset to us. We must address our extremist Mullas to stop their jihad Shops in every second or third mosque all over Pakistan. We need to take off this dirty label from our religious places that these places nurture extremism. And if we start doing this now, only then we might feel that now is the time when we are going to see a better Pakistan.

Today our minorities feel unsafe. Did any of us felt shame? No we just acted what we were told from religious brokers that every other community is destined to be dead if they do not think as we think. If a Christian does not consider our Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) as we consider Him, then does it certify that this person needs to be burnt alive. Stand up folks ask everyone to tell if he is with Pakistan or he stands for his own Agenda. Reclaim your mosques. Kick out those who spread sectarian filth, Kick out those who believe in any race or regional supremacy. And once You have done that only then come in front of Quaid’s Pictures. Only then visit Quaid’s Tomb, Only then consider yourself a Pakistani. Are you with Pakistan??? Then stand against extremism.

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