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Why not all of them?

The atrocious incident of Peshawar shook the whole nation. Everyone not only among us but also among overseas Pakistanis and other nations were grieved and feeling ache of those innocent angels who became the victims of such callous & unexplainable assault. No language is adequate to portray the mayhem of such a huge degree. They were martyred in such an abysmal manner that we all are flabbergasted and are inept to come out of that vicious and hard-hearted incident.

Instantaneous response came from the Government, military & civil society. A strong campaign started to hang all the criminals which are being given death sentences. There are more than 7000 criminals together with approximately 2500 terrorists which were being convicted from the courts but they were not being hanged due to global pressures a futile argument that death penalty is against the human rights.

I don’t want to argue the nature of death sentence here but I just want to say that if Islam has chosen death verdict for murderers than there is no point left to argue about the nature of this punishment. Coming back to the genuine concern, we all witness that up till now almost 6-7 terrorists are being punished in the shape of death sentences and several others are going to witness their death in front of them within few days. It is a very required and crucial action taken by the government and our military establishment but there is a big problem in this whole course of action.

As I have mentioned previously that more or less 7000 criminals are being given death penalty and out of these 7000 only 2500 were caught up in terrorist activities. The majority of them were involved in attacks on different military installations and personals. Most of them are being penalized by military courts but what about other criminals who were being convicted by civil courts and are enjoying their lives in jails without any danger of death penalty; not only those terrorists but other more 4500 convicted murderers; when they will get the result of their atrocities? They were equally involved in brutal and inhumane actions and are the cause of life lasting pain for many families. They are in the same way answerable for bringing the tears in the eyes of mothers and fathers.

Why we are not focussing on them? Many of them are being convicted in multiple murder cases and a lot of them are to hold responsible for the present wretched situation of our industrial heart, Karachi. Many of them are accountable to bring the halt to sports and tourism activities in Pakistan. Why we are ignoring them at the moment? This is the time to do justice and teach all of them a lesson they need to learn. They are equally responsible for the social unrest in Pakistan. They are equally accountable for the pains and wounds. They all are equally responsible for taking away our comfort and happiness.

Through this forum I put forward this demand in front of authorities to give the punishment to all of them without any discrimination so that next time they might think prior to committing such appalling and violent actions.

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