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Jinnah the first and the last world class political leader produced by Pakistan

Today we are going to celebrate 138th birth anniversary of “Father of the Nation” Muhammad Ali Jinnah who compelled both British and the Indian National Congress to concede his demands to get a separate country for the Muslims. He was the first, and the last, world class political leader produced by Pakistan. We are not going to celebrate this year with zeal and zest as previous years as we are regretful, in grief and sorrowful that we couldn’t fulfill your dreams, even we made this country worse than ever. Last year we exploded your Ziarat residency, don’t worry albeit we have re-constructed and your soul will happy to see it again.

In Gujarat Muslim educational Conference on 14th January 1945, Quaid-e- Azam described “education as a matter of life and death for the nation”. Quaid-e- Azam your child has fulfilled your dream by sacrificing their lives for this country.  As on 16th December 1971 we lost East Pakistan but on 16th December 2014 the episode of Karbala was repeated with blood of small children, “Land of pure” was converted into a land of blood with the massacre of 135 little flowers of Peshawar Army School which were not blossomed yet. Six devils entered a school and killed these innocents one by one with their teachers. The heat of this incident was not only felt in each and every corner of the earth even felt on skies. The shadow of this blood was apparent on the sky, Suddenly clouds appeared on Sky as sun denied to see this incident .Moon at night wept and stars when heard about what the bloody game has been played with these little stars couldn’t bear this and cries of their mothers “O God, why did you snatch away my son?” compelled them to disappear as they felt our lives are in danger from the people on the earth.

This year  as shown on ARY what we did is worst than ever we sold your grave for adultery  only for thousands with currency having picture of you issued by State Bank of Pakistan which you inaugurated in 1948.

We remember your message of 14th August 1948 “The foundations of your state have been laid and it is now for you to build and build as quickly and as well as you can”. Sorry! To make this country stronger we didn’t find a best place except your grave. This is the Pakistan for which you didn’t even care of your health and struggled day and night. It’s so disgraceful that we can’t save your grave .There is no single example available in contemporary history when the grave of the nation founding father was sold.

What we are today is disintegrated , divided into Punjabi , Sindhi, Pathan and Balochi , religious harmony has gone from us ,  communal violence is on peak .Jinnah’s motto of “Unity , Faith , Discipline” has been replaced with , “Corruption, dishonesty , nepotism and status quo”. We have forgotten the golden principles of Islam honesty, brotherhood and patience. Quaid e- Azam struggled to get this land where everybody can live with peace and contentment. He always emphasis on the free play of the principles of Islamic social justice in Pakistan as he described about status of citizenship of Pakistan “You may belong to any religion or caste or creed-that has nothing to do with the business of the state”.

In current scenario we need a leader like Quaid-i-Azam to get rid of current rulers and take out the nation from this quagmire. In the end I would like to quote Allama Iqbal as he truly said “Hazaron sall Nargis Apni Be noori pe Roti Hai  Bari Mushkil se Hota hai Chaman mein Deedawar Paida”. Pakistan’s future is in hands of youth. They have firmly conveyed their message after Peshawar incident to terrorists they didn’t even care of their lives for the sake of their country. Those who killed our friends and teachers in front of our eyes we will confront them and continue our journey of education as we believe “Our pen is mightier than your sword”. God bless Pakistan and show us the right path.

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