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It is Americans all-around!

Let it be movies or high action science fiction novels, the world found its American contemporaries in past, present or future saving the earth many times.

Let it be movies or high action science fiction novels, the world found its American contemporaries in past, present or future saving the earth many times.

If Americans hadn’t tore the destructive meteorites in ‘Deep Impact’ and ‘Armageddon’, the world was not ought to be as it is now. The earth might have not survived the impacts!

Aliens are always very much interested in attacking America and then beaten by their victims single handedly, almost always. If you have any doubt, please watch ‘Independence Day’.

And if humans want to colonize distant planets then they must seek the assistance from the Americans as they are or more appropriately will be the people to first discover habitable planets and learn the indigenous ways. Even if some thug American corporations attack indigenous interest at far off planets, the indigenous will also need a hero from America. Watch highly scenic ‘Avatar’ to find how most probably an ‘American’ marine can defend defenseless natives from his own race.

Americans also have an acute sense of learning science and arts and they could even excel indigenous people, who have developed an art or a science with a civilization dating back to thousands of years. Tom Cruise in ‘The Last Samurai’ has shown that Americans can outcompete Japanese in martial arts as well!

Chinese always work as a unit notwithstanding their enterprise can highly go against the ‘mother earth’ but Americans, or at least a few of them must go against high corporate interests of their compatriots and eventually become savior/saviors of the world. To find that out, an exhaustive endeavor must be taken to read Paul J. McAuley’s ‘Secret of Life’. Although the author has justified his British nationality and invented the protagonist of the novel to be a British expatriate in America, who eventually saves earth from dominating Martian organism.

Americans have the ability of terraforming ‘Red Mars’ into ‘Blue Mars’ and ‘Green Mars’ in few centuries, Kim Stanley Robinson has showed that in his famous ‘Mars Trilogy’. Although they can be frontline heroes on such odysseys but they sometimes need Russian, who are also highly technologically updated, assistance.

A bit digressing but it is very itchy not to mention the all-rounder Presidents of America. The US Presidents have the ability to become genius and fighters and can lonely gun down terrorists. ‘White House Down’ showed us how macho their presidents could be. Thankfully the terrorists were not muslims as usual.

Harrison Ford in ‘Air Force One’ portrayed a President, who can lonely saves the day when Russians were on the brink of overpowering Americans in a fictional cold-war incident. It is not over yet, American President cannot only change the fate of its country but he could change the fate of the universe. In ‘Independence Day’ US President, turns out to be a fighter pilot and managed to successfully hit dangerous and apparently invincible aliens, who attack cities from a mammoth spaceship.

Reading highly acclaimed sci-fi novels and watching blockbuster movies, one may find some Russians, Chinese, some Europeans and sometimes Korean and Japanese with of course Americans at the helm. Finding large portion of the world – population of third world country seems to be difficult except with few scenes of monuments such as primitive Arabs, Egyptian Pyramids or Taj Mahal of India when Americans sometimes supported by Russians save or change the course of mankind.

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