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Chase terrorists to the gates of Hell and crush them

Peshawar once known as the “City of Flowers” witnessed the brutal and appalling killing of children like flowers as barbarian terrorists played the game of bloodshed cold-bloodedly with the blood of innocent angels in Army Public School and College (APSC) on December 16, 2014. The terrorists stormed the school and killed 149 students and staffers of the school and injured more than 120.

The blood-thirsty terrorists crossed all the bounds of humanity and indiscriminately and viciously killed students and staff members. They also beheaded students and severed their body parts, set teachers on fire in front of pupils and ordered the students to testimony the brutal killing of their teachers. Humanity died on “Black Tuesday”.

They barged into classrooms and sprayed the volley of bullets on inmates of the school who were trying to save their skins. Some students hide in the restrooms, behind doors, under desks and some locked themselves insides the classrooms but the terrorists—bent on massacre, devastation and destruction—followed them and killed them brutally. It’s terrible and horrible.

The walls and doors of the school—witnessed the screams, sobs, crying of the students and staffers—depict the rage of terrorists how hard-heated terrorists ferocious killed the students.  The blood-soaked floor, blood-stained walls, craters on the ground, smashing windows and bullet holes in the doors of the school show the harrowing tale of the barbaric incident.

Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan claimed responsibility of the attack. But I must say that they (the terrorists) are not human, they are “wild animals” who have no religion. They are the enemies of the nation who killed the future of the country. They do not deserve mercy, clemency and forgiveness.

The entire nation is angered and grieved over the awful killing of the students and demanding of the armed forces to crush them once and for all.

The tormenting incident is intolerable and it is the need of the hour that these barbarian terrorists must meet their fate and armed forces give tit for tat response to them. The armed forces including army, Frontier Core (FC), Frontier Constabulary and others should follow them to the gates of hell and crush them. The forces should behead them on squares in front of people and make them an example for others so that no one in future dares to repeat this cruel act. The forces should also kill facilitators of the terrorists and destroy their sanctuaries and bleeding grounds. The concerned authorities should also block the channel of financial aid to terrorists.

Pakistan army also pledged to flush out the terrorists from the region and announce a “national plan” to tackle the menace.

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