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Arrest Maulana Abdul Aziz!

The world might have never witnessed brutality at such heights. Seven monsters attacked the Army Public School in Peshawar writing in innocent blood what could be the most barbaric tales of pain and cruelty. The wound was still fresh and blood-red when in a talk show on Local news television, Mualana Abdul Aziz, the Lal Masjid cleric, showed up to rub salt on to it, refusing to condemn the carnage. He called it a reaction to an ‘inappropriate’ action by which of course he meant the operation Zarb-e-Azb that is underway in North Waziristan. Later he back-tracked claiming that by saying that he would not condemn a ‘reaction’ he was actually condemning the reaction!

Why does he have to say ‘I condemn the Peshawar school attack but….waziristan….army….operation….taliban….brothers….musharraf….lal masjid….burqa….’

Why can’t he say ‘I condemn this act of sheer barbarism full stop’? Why can’t he say mercilessly slaughtering innocent children is brutal and inhumane? Why the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’? Why the strings attached? Would he have done the same if his own children were casualties at Army Public?

Abdul Aziz, you should try going to what is left of the school in Peshawar to witness for yourself the devastation your ‘harbingers of Islam’ have left us with. Open your eyes and see, blood and death dominate the building where once dreams dwelled, hopes thrived. Look at the books painted in blood, the charred corpses of the teachers and small coffins of their students. This is not why people send their children to school. No mother wants to see her child return wrapped in white cloth. No father wants to helplessly wander hospitals to identify his blood covered body.

A reporter asked one of Aziz’s students outside the mosque why they refused to condemn the attack on innocent children. He replied asking the reporter where everyone condemning it was during the Lal Masjid Operation. Is this what it has come to now? Justifying one atrocity with another? Legitimizing one murder with another? Competing with each other over dead bodies? What Musharraf did in Lal masjid was in no way justifiable but does that give someone the excuse to defend the Peshawar school massacre? To call the monsters behind it their children and brothers?

Someone who cannot come out in the open to unconditionally condemn the brutal slaughter of 140 innocent children has no right to poison the minds of this nation with his extremist, chauvinistic, radical perversion of Islam. He has no right to tell you and me what is right or wrong, lawful or unlawful, forbidden or permissible.

He says he believes the Taliban would out of the blue just come forward and ‘make friends’ with the very people whose children they mercilessly butchered in the school attack, with the very army whose heads they play football with.

How could he believe that the animals that butcher our children, the overzealous minds that rationalise shooting a 14 year old, the monsters that blow themselves up in our places of worship have some level of humanity left in them? That they are our ‘strength’ and long lost brothers? Representatives of peace and true heralds of Islam?

Is this the butchery he teaches his students? Is this why he warned people of bomb blasts and terror all over the country over his hypothetical death? Is this why his female students are willing to fight for ‘the Khilafat of ISIS’ in Pakistan? Is this why the Taliban are threatening the civil society for protesting outside the Lal Masjid? And more importantly, is this what we want our children to be taught?

Who gave him the right to brain wash innocent people that come to him for religious assistance? What right does he have to poison the minds of our youth in the name of religion? To toy with our future?

Extremism has no religion. The ppl that butcher our children are not our ‘Muslim brothers.’ They are our sworn enemies and we will fight them till the last drop of blood we have left.

At the end, I believe, we can trace it all back to Musharraf after all. He was the one who sold the sovereignty of the state to the Americans and allowed the first drone strikes. It was Musharraf who made Abdul Aziz, ‘The Mualana Abdul Aziz’. Who knew him before the Lal masjid operation, anyway?

Yes! Musharraf made mistakes. Blunders rather and we will make up for every one of them. We will question every Mualana Abdul Aziz out there about why he supports the barbarians that slaughter our children, bomb our schools and paint our places of worship in innocent blood. We will protest, we will rise. We will reclaim our mosques and we will never forget.

We have all united in this fight to liberate our land off the brutal savages that have been taught nothing but butchery by their Abdul-Aziz-like preachers. Every one of which will be defeated, Insha’Allah.

The Stench of blood and explosives dominates the air in Peshawar but somewhere amid all the uncertainty, a faint voice pierces the silence

‘We will fight! You will pay!’ #ArrestAbdulAziz

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