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135 Everlasting Souls

The smallest coffins are the heaviest.  Every post that these unfortunate eyes go through narrates the tale of the ruthless heart wrenching #PeshawarAttack that has shaken every human soul to the core.  A sane mind just cannot digest the traumatizing black day of 16-12-2014 that Pakistan witnessed psychologically affecting it for the rest of its life.

Yes, as I write 135 of our future generations have been martyred in the line of fire; they have given us the proof that they are even braver than those who get trained for protecting the sovereignty of our country. These are our real heroes who deserve all the respect for taking the bullets in the chest while not even complaining of any pain of shedding their blood just because they belonged to a military family.

Sitting above looking at us now their sober eyes will be surely asking for the reward of their sacrifice in the form of justice to their parents.

Savages are after all savages, there are no words to describe their brutality; what I understand from their evildoing was that they were bloodthirsty; indeed God would have prepared an inferno for them as well for those who had planned this. The night after 16th December was the heaviest on the 135 mothers and fathers, their souls trembling, sobbing and asking God Why are they the unfortunate parents? Why were their delicate flowers snatched in such a harrowing manner? At least the parents would have been given a chance to bid good bye to them.

Such are the disturbing torturous questions arising in the minds of every parent going through the trauma as well as those watching it; unfortunately none of these can be answered but only accountability can bandage their wounds. Each Pakistani stays indebted to every tiny soul that laid their life for the sake of their nation, never would have anyone thought that these innocent children would be so resilient to face such heinous act.

Now I realize why they call Pakistanis a resilient and challenging nation; this tragedy has proved that even our younger generations can remain steadfast while fighting the worse of the brutal enemies.

My conscience shivers when the faces of those helpless mothers appears in front of my eyes, their hearts split apart with blood dripping from it while breathing and putting those innocent children in the caskets while the dreams of the fathers shattering like the world coming down when lowering the caskets down the ground. And then people ask who will punish the enemies, those silent tears with hearts beating loudly would surely shake the walls of the sky and the Almighty can never ignore a parent’s prayer for its child.

The red blood on green has united Pakistan rising above all differences, the political and military leadership now has a huge task of bringing the perpetrators to justice. We failed in protecting them; let’s not fail in bringing the monsters to justice. In the so called war on terror no other province has raised as much coffins as the KP, and this time they were school going kids who had passionate dreams. A Pushtoon shared a really harsh thought that people say we don’t send our children to schools, we don’t want to educate them; does anyone know the pain of sending your child in a pressed uniform and picking  them wrapped in white?

Nevertheless, they have nerves of steel and have faced the worst of calamities.

For once, all egos and vested interests should be kept aside and fight for 135 souls should begin, the blood on green should not be wasted. We have lost 135 futures that would be constructive to our country. We are at an unfortunate state that the hopes of 135 parents are drenched in tears. Those barbaric savages felt that by hitting us at our hearts will weaken our spirits; yes it’s aching too much and the spirits are trembling with anger and crying at being helpless while holding the bodies of the angels draped in white.

Last but not the least, the intelligent teachers of Army Public School (APS) are not with us anymore, but their tales of bravery and selfless attitude will inspire millions who will read tales of their poignant and courageous fight till their last breath in protecting their children. The beasts were so cowards that all they could do was face our little soldiers yet stay defeated by their valor.

Oh Allah! I ask you with a sincere heart to please avenge the death of innocent souls of Peshawar Attack. Don’t let them walk free. The hearts are aching too badly and the minds have become numb. Give us the strength to overcome the grave loss. But my Almighty, I ask you to not let the savages walk free and blatantly expose them. The parents look up only to You, Please ease the shivering parents soul.

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