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Death to the terrorists!‏

Never in the history of this bloodstained soil has brutality crossed such limits. Never in the annals of time has barbarism sparked this high. Tales of blood and death have never sounded this horrific. Man has never stooped low enough to butcher innocent, defenceless children. The inhuman savages that carried out the Peshawar school attack were no doubt the most disgusting creatures alive and the Taliban apologists who showed up on mainstream media later to sympathise with them, don’t stand far.

How could someone even try to hint to attempt to justify such an act of sheer barbarism? Let alone plan and carry one out?

Although I can’t help but wonder what did the seven monsters that entered the school firing indiscriminately at defenceless, young children achieve at the end of the day? What satisfaction does shooting a three year old girl in head bring? What contentment does painting books with blood carry? And what besides disgust can one get by justifying such acts?

There is no longer, any room for such impulsive individuals in the Pakistani society. We have finally, for once set aside our political and religious differences and united to fight the bigger enemy. Anyone who doesn’t ride in this boat gets left behind. We’ve lost 60,000 innocent lives in the name of this war. It’s about time we began to own it.

Yes, this is my war! This is my blood. These are my people. And the beasts that butchered them are MY enemies! We don’t have time to wait for anyone to wake up from the slumber they are so deeply plunged in. You won’t be beckoned one more time. We can’t afford to widow anymore women, slaughter any more sons. We’ve seen enough bloodstained walls, charred corpses and dark nights. This madness needs to end now. Once and for all. Join the armada or get crushed underneath! We’d rather die in the battlefield than wait on the negotiating table.

Over 500 TTP terrorists have been waiting on death row for over a period of six years. Yesterday the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, on the ‘advice’ of the Army Chief General Raheel Sharif, announced to lift the moratorium over the death penalty issuing black warrants for the convicted murderers. Something that should have been a long time ago. Hang the animals that slaughter our children. Hang the savages that orphan our sons. Death to the terrorists! Death to the Taliban!

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