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An unheard voice

To be not among you today, we are here thousand miles away, where no one could touch and see us. Even we could not fight for our future. We are here with no clear reason but with a hidden agenda. We have to tell you on the behalf of all our families and friends who are being a living corpse with us. A moment before we were with them being a caring flower in their laps of our kind mothers, caring sisters, lovely brothers and great fathers, but now we exist nowhere anywhere.

We were the starving students whom cries went unheard and unseen, we want to tell you about those unfiled feelings who dead a day before, we are not afraid of our deaths but afraid of our next generation that what will be their destiny, how they will be treated while being killed for no reason, we are afraid of our families and their pain their tears in their unbeatable cries for us, a moment before we were with them at the table for breakfast by receiving soft and cute kisses from our sweet and lovely mothers. We were dreamt of having great and brave nation, it was the visionary illusion of our confused mind.

Do you people worry about those little angel students, who born with the ideology of Islam that is clean and clear but died for no reason. All of us were dying in front of each other and failed to help and save brothers sisters and friends at that moment of helplessness, and left the world for nothing, with no crime but with huge punishment. Even though our families are not having pills to fix their pain and rest their tears in peace. Did you people think for a while that who will bring peace to convert this dooms day to delight day, to balance the unfavorable environment and protect the life of every individual in state from where we belong.

Oh we are sorry we forgot that we are writing to stone and senseless people, people with no heart and zero feelings, but it is humble request to the people of space age in Stone Age, please stop hurting our families, please stop killing us, please not to give us unbearable pain, please do not make our heart cry. To be not with you in your non political, and non social culture, our request to our mothers and sisters; please not to give birth to a baby, who will time and again get hurt by non respective minds, in irrespective society, and in a non state nation.

We were the beautiful flowers but plucked for no reason. We were strong in our ideology and raised our last words, loud and completed by saying Laa ilaaha illala Lahoo Mohmmadur Rasool Ullah

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