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A small coffin is the heaviest

16-December-2014 became a story of those kids who never returned from the school. These children were wearing green sweaters which turned red in a while. This red made the day black and took away all the colors of life from the eyes of their parents. 36 alphabets can take no arrangement to condole the grief of the parents.

They never expected that their children would be back from school in pieces.Peshawar- the land known as the land of rose today witnessed red carpet of those roses who grieved the soul of every heart keeping human. “My son was my dream and my dream has been shot dead.” Father of school boy. Another said: “My son was in uniform this morning. He’s in a casket now”This is not a usual occurring terrorist activity but was strategically different from the cowardice acts of terrorists from the past. As the general wisdom goes whatever the incident prior occurred by TTP or any other faction so far existed in Pakistan made ready made attempts but this sharply by hand act assures me the introduction of most discussed ISIS in Pakistan.

May I be wrong in forecasting it but reality seems supporting my argument.ISIS is characterized by a terrorist group which kills or harasses the mass by direct shooting. Not to disagree with the fact that many bomb explosion were also held meanwhile this massacre but holiness of the causalities are killed by hand with direct shooting the bodies dead. Blame game by some lifafa journalists and politicians have so far started which is worse that the tragedy caused grief to us. Responsibility to this national tragedy cannot be put in the lap of a single responsible.

Blood of today’s children are on the shoulders of those courts that have let terrorists free and never punished a single one. Security agencies,armed institution, Provincial authorities, Interior ministry and federal government must overview their control over the internal security matters as it was the failure of all as a whole. How can I promise departed souls of taking revenge of their killing as the terrorist sympathizers are still bound to keep their lips seal to utter a single worse against the killers terrorist. These killers are mongers of no religion in the world as all the religions preaches peace and killing innocent lives is not backed by any of these.

Islam should be completely delinked from this Fitna of the century as Islam keeps the highest moral to preach peace and to treat worse with the Khawarijite and a year back Ambassador of Peace Sheikh-ul-Islam Dr.Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri have given a historic Fatwa against Terrorists and Suicide Bombing. He through confirmed references proved these terrorists as the Dogs of Hell and they must be thrown to their destiny as this world is not a place for them to rest but they should rest in Hell forever.TTP spokesperson said,“We selected the army’s school for the attack because the government is targeting our families and females,” Omer Kharossani further said, “We want them tofeel the pain.” Mohammad Khurasani added: “These are the soldiers who have thrown their bodies in sacks. We were forced to make this decision, so that they should be hurt in their homes.

When you are wounded in your own home then you realize. They burnt our homes and we were forced to set their homes on fire.” The Pakistani Taliban have attempted to justify the attack. Taliban spokesman Mohammad Khurasani says it was a response to anti-militant offensives in North Waziristan and the Khyber region. “The children of our tribes are our children. The women of our tribes are our mothers and our sisters.

Six hundred people have been killed in just one year,innocent people who were killed, their bodies mangled.”BBC Reported Government must take a clinch of shame and form a national reconciliation with the support of all parties and military to take serious incentives against these horrifying incidents pilling up each day.This black day would never be compensated with mere condemning the acts not by condoling the heartfelt parents who are running upto see there children’s name in the lists dispatched by the school authority as being dead. To find ones own flower like kids in the pieces of human bodies isa pain which we can only share with those parent but cant feel in real as they could. “And now the toughest part. Small coffins, tiny graves. And so many…”

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