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Unite for Pakistan

I have cancer since a decade now. It started with light headaches which became worse over time. Sometimes the pain is unbearable, at other times I am able to continue with my day to day life. I am 67 years old now and have suffered from different diseases all my life. It all started even before I was born. People said I would be a handicap child, not able to survive the thick and thin of this world. But I was born after a lot of prayers and all mighty Allah helped me to survive. Then my father died when I was just 1 year old, leaving me without much guidance as I grew up. I listen to his sermons and get inspired but different people interpret them differently. Some try to confuse me on purpose. I feel that this confusion has lead to my low immunity to diseases.

When I was 24 years old, a disease paralyzed my right arm. Some said it was infected from the neighbors but I now believe that the problem lied within me. Doctors removed my right arm to finish the disease. They said it was the only option. It hurt me more than one can imagine. I would cry at nights but continue to work in the days to improve my remaining self.

“I will become the strongest”, I had aimed and although slowly but was progressing.

My 200 million children worked day and night to help me grow. I was poor, some of them slept hungry at night, but not many complained. Sometimes they fought with each other, but in the end whenever I asked them to unite for me they would unite.

Children are children and they will always fight. Someone may think the other took his due right, other may disagree, but when the father is suffering from a life threatening disease, shouldn’t all of them come forward and ask him what they can do to help him get well? Or should they continue fighting with each other? Most would agree that they should forget their discords and unite for their father and this is what my children used to do in the past but lately I have been unfortunate in this regard.  Since I got cancer, I tried to persuade my children to unite and work for progress, stability and democracy, but they have chosen to fight for trivial things and ignored me and my disease. I call them every now and then but no one answers. I hear loud noises of them fighting outside. Its more painful than the pain due to cancer. Physically I am dying, emotionally I am dead.

This is not the story of a person but of our beloved Pakistan. Today, more than hundred children are dead in Peshawar, killed by terrorists who aim to destabilize and destroy Pakistan. Still many of us are fighting and blaming each other. When has a nation won a war when its people were fighting with each other? More than 60,000 Pakistanis have died in this war. Our army is busy fighting these terrorists. Soldiers are getting shaheed daily and millions of people are displaced because of war. Is this time to fight over what Imran Khan or Nawaz Sharif or Bilawal Bhutto or Fazl Ur Rehman etc said? Or it is time to unite and fight this disease?

I request everyone to unite for Pakistan after today’s incident. Lets fight these terrorists instead of fighting with each other, lets finish this cancer for survival of Pakistan.

Our leaders have to take the lead after the attack today. Unite together, then unite the nation and then attack these terrorists with full force. May Allah bless Pakistan and give a place in jannat to those who were martyred today. Long live Pakistan.

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