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what is your inspiration?

Have you ever thought of Being among the greatest people who have attained success just one step beyond the greatest failure? Never forget that most important thing in life is the quality of life we lead. Either being an owner of a company or a Fashionista. Do you want to be among them.?

One day your life will flash before your eyes. Do you want it to be worth watching?

Whatever you are wishing, have you ever thought of the fears and obstacles involved In it.?

The decision to become your own boss involves a profound sense of financial, professional and emotional risk. Despite its challenges, entrepreneurship has vast tangible and intangible benefits. The zeal and passion to obtain successful business of ownership needs to have vibrant end goal. There are people who are ridiculously passionate for the work.. They work to make a difference; they don’t work for a dollar.  For instance, Asad khan a software engineer who provides tech support in Apple now earns $ 90000 yearly.  A thought of earning money brings passion in oneself.

There are entrepreneurs who are creative disrupters. The most popular Andrew Warner, who is an interesting entrepreneurial broadcaster who interviews successful entrepreneurs on his web show Mixergy. He focuses on successful entrepreneurs working to build their business empire.

More inspiring and creative entrepreneurs are leaders Hamna nazi an obsessive book reader who gets to pick the litter when it comes to clients. She has the art of building relationships whether it is the bestselling author, big time entrepreneurs and writers or bloggers.

Following your dreams till they become reality is another leading way to be an inspiration. However, if you think achieving your dreams will solve all your problems… well you must be in another universe or reality for that to happen. People leave their normal life to become a traveler or a blogger, chasing  their dreams.

“A ship is safe in the harbor, but that’s not what ships are built for. “ This very statement serves as an inspiration to our very own student of the university, Ali Khan, who left his job and studies with a love of traveling the world. Over a period of time his passion has grown so widely, now he makes arrangements for tourists. Along with this, his travel writings have brought fame and earnings to his business.

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