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Narendra Modi’s 20 minutes of Irony speech in Kashmir

Ahead of PM’s Kashmir visit, Valley witnessed hustle-bustle in the territory. The entire valley was caged. The city was deserted and only paramilitary forces were seen everywhere, searching each and every vehicle in and around. Streets of city were adorned and the banners of BJP were hanging on every electric pole in and outside SHER-E-KASHMIR. The Saga simmers from New Delhi to Kashmir. Every news channels were broadcasting  the visit globally. The myths were commonly spoken on shops. Some believed to say he might speak about K-issue. The allies of BJP were seen overwhelming busy in welcoming PM Narender Modi. Amid Pro-Modi slogans, he was greeted by paid and bought up people. He was also greeted with 33 traditional shawls by his allies.

Finally pheran (Long over Coat)-clad Narendra Modi stood up to speak at Srinagar’s Sher-e-Kashmir; It was a historic moment for Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP). Many unknown faces were bought in trains and buses from outside Kashmir.  Some believe to say they were hired and paid for this day. When he spoke at Sher-e-Kashmir, he immediately directed his attack at prominent parties in the state like the National Conference and Peoples Democratic Party, “They have ruled here, but what have you got? What did they give you? They did enough for themselves, but nothing for you,” he said, and asked the people to give the BJP a chance at ruling the state.

Modi’s speech on one side was overwhelming but overall it made whole Kashmir disappointed. Talking about development, appreciating Kashmiri’s for replacing Ballot with bullet which siege twitter for whole day, claiming Kashmiri’s want android phones rather than AK-47 which spoiled charm of speech. The speech did not carry any word for Pakistan, he did not bashed Pakistan for terrorism. Even he did not speak any word about recent killing in Chattergam by army, nor he did blamed Pakistan about recent encounter in Uri. He kept a curious silence on these issues. He skipped any mention of Article 370. The whole speech was prepared for winning hearts of Kashmiris. It was made to make people sure BJP will bring change in Kashmir if people will give them chance to serve. The speech was more on development, growth and Gujarat model subtly. He told when Kutch was able to develop why not Kashmir. But if we dig history the development mantra hasn’t worked in Kashmir; either it will be BJP or Congress. There are many seeds of discord sown in the state which can’t be resolved by economic development. Development and corruption have become symbols of power that serve the rich of the state, not its ordinary and bruised people.

While addressing his speech in front of hired and paid people, PM Narendra Modi claimed he felt pain of people and wanted to share their griefs. He termed their dreams his own. The words like:-“Your dream is my dream, your grief is my grief, your problems are my problem” were spoken. His mission and slogan is sab ka saath, sab ka vikaas (everybody’s support, everybody’s development).

He praised army and police, but he forgot the brutality which they had done in Kashmir since 90’s. He said, he came here to bring justice to the people of Kashmir. If he really means that he will have to reopen all those cases and punish the guilty. From innocent killing to rapes all cases must be reopened and justice must be done. He further stated that equal opportunity of education to women, Power generation, tourism in Kashmir will be provided if people vote for BJP. When he spoke about education, I was wondering will he mention recent attack on Kashmiris, attacked by goons inside the states of India. He even skipped the fact that Jammu and Kashmir is capable of creating 20,000 MWS of electricity which is served to Indian states and only few percent of electricity is served to Kashmir. Apart from this he also talked against corruption, which in Kashmir, one is aware how much corrupt is this disputed part.

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