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ISIS Threat To QAU Is a Myth Or Reality ?

Quaid-i-Azam University is a public research university located in the capital city, Islamabad, of Pakistan. Established in July 1967, covering an area of 1700 acres below the Margalla Hills, It started as a research institute for Mphil and PhD. However, it later decided to offer Master’s graduate and now undergraduate courses. Quaid-i-Azam University has four faculties, 38 Departments, nine affiliated research institutes, schools and centers.

University is consistently ranked as the top university in Pakistan by HEC and ranked among the top 500 universities in the world in 2014. It is also considered the top university among all 57 Muslim states of OIC and was ranked the 69th top university of the world in field of Engineering and Technology. Currently more than 8000 students are attending QAU. The university produces around 1500 research scholars (Mphil, Phd) every year.

The current environmental condition of QAU is shadowed by threat and fears of I.S. and considering that “fear is the illusion of confused mind”, the I.S. statement is not clear and may be propaganda against the ideological culture of QAU. The university environment is purely based on Islamic ideology and culture and permutes the ideology of Pakistan.

Every student of the university performs their religious duties by offering namaz and preaching in university territory. Every prayer time, the mosques are found full of students for their namaz and there are separate places for women ‘namaz’ available in library and departments. Students use to visit tablighe markaz by every weekend, to spread Islamic duties and awareness among people. Female students are always found in their cultural and religious vial. Such activities are purely belonging to Islamic culture and ideology. The beauty of QAU is the cultural promotion of Pashtoon, Punjabi, Sindhi, Siriaki, Kashmiri and Gilgiti via Islamic way of life. There are 5% of minorities, communist and socialist school of thoughts.

Construction of the China embassy may influence the area for security reasons. The area around Seventh Avenue may be closed off; including the university and rest of the surrounding population. This closure may also be due to state personal security measures. If I.S. threat to QAU is due to the vulgarity and non-Islamic activities, which is not true, there are so many other places in Islamabad which openly explore the devilish culture such as massage center and hidden clubs for the elite and other locations where people enjoy.

Why are those places and people not under threat? 80% of students in QAU are from poor background, it is the only university which can change their fate. It is the cheapest university among other state universities where students from all around Pakistan come to get education. The university provides scholarships to the students. QAU is the university which brings peace and prosperity to thousands of families in the country. If once this equilibrium is disturbed, the private universities and institution will get benefits, where they squeeze the blood of their students by heavy fees, where only a handful of families are able to pay the fee and the rest of the others may join non-respective organization to secure their future.

So, regarding all these prospective, the I.S. threat to QAU seems to be a myth, because a community who follows the ideology of “MUHAMMAD PBUH” could not be threat to any ideology. However the university administration and the students do enjoy their old cultural environment and give a bright future to the great Pakistan. Where every Pakistani is as brave as the brave word seems too small itself, QAU is considered as the spinal cord of Pakistan in educational sector which provides great and perfect scholars to Pakistan in every form, including bureaucrats, doctors, engineers, strategists, economists and politicians.

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