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Why should Imran Khan call for Pakistan Army’s support now?

John F. Kennedy once said that “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable”. This famous quote got me thinking as I watched the chaos unleashed in Pakistan for the last few days. Especially; as the day began today and I got ready for office. Sipping my coffee browsing through various TV channels hoping that with all the sirens of civil war on TV . The day will go peacefully and apart from the noise nothing substantial will happen.

In  office as I chatted with other Pakistanis. Everyone had their head down either due to the agony of the ongoing situation in the country with no end visible near in terms of peace. Some had their head down because of shame and fear as the nation is slowly being sucked into an abyss of uncertainty. My head was down not because of shame, fear or agony but it was down pondering what may be the solution to this ongoing political chaos. As I reached home tired of a busy day . Tried to switch on the TV had my younger daughter responsibly telling me with her ever green mischievous eyes that “Papa papa they are beating each other on the TV in Pakistan ”.

Its clear that the government has decided to do a standoff and match the protesters man on man. Looks like patience has run out or maybe the mask of righteousness has come off. With everyday of violence inclusive of deaths the red line or the final chance of a peaceful solution has lapsed. I said it earlier in a blog in July and would repeat . Had PMLN let justice system take its course inclusive of probe of rigging in NA 122 alone. It may have solved them a lot of issues they face today. But why would they be considerate? This is the trait of the Sharif brothers arrogance that too after getting majority in the parliament that instead of showing humility towards their foes and opponents in the interest of Pakistan . They like to wipe out enemies and end up shooting themselves in the foot. Ironic that the relationship which both Imran and Sharif’s and not forgetting Dr. Qadri have enjoyed in the past. The current animosity amongst them shows nothing less of how repugnant the Shairf brothers could be . I feel that they had a good chance to serve the nation rising above but think they have missed the bus and I do not mean the Metro Bus which any ways is costing our very rich nation a subsidy of estimated PKR 2 Bn a month.

So looks like Imran Khan has also gone so far ahead in his endeavor of challenging PMLN government that if Go Nawaz Go was chanted just to tease PMLN’a few weeks ago . It has now become part of the recent opposing political blood stream. If for a moment we forget Imran Khan’s stance. The chaos where children are dying due to lack of healthcare or hunger. Farmers are struggling to survive. Religious extremism grows unchecked in the nation with the recent glimpse of Daesh wall chalking in Pakistan . The net disposable income eroding for the masses. The failing law and order situation in Sindh and especially Karachi . Balochistan getting out of control and KPK virtually crying to end the Taliban problem so that millions may go back to their homes. The half heartedness , purposeful ignorance and insensitivity of the Sharif brothers in the center is nothing short of rubbing salt in the wounds of Pakistanis as they see that the family and money of the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister of Punjab is enjoying their liberty abroad and grow by the minute in both size and quantity. Whilst average Pakistani struggles to make ends meet. First I also believed that we should give at least a chance to the PMLN but seeing their insensitivity I must say that change has become inevitable. Now we know that history tells us that these two brothers would not give in so easily. Than only one option remains.

So lets put facts together. As you pick up the constitution. There is no provision left in it to safeguard my interests and rights as a Pakistani. The question time again comes as I go through the constitution of Pakistan . How would my Fundamental Rights guaranteed under the same constitution which our Politicians so much follow only for their convenience to be defended or guaranteed? With a lot of disappointment. Its either the government or President themselves under Article 232 can enforce but wouldn’t as there is a puppet President in force who is known to be a Dhai Bhalla supplier for the Sharif brothers in the past. With the short tenure of the Justice Nasir ul Mulk where he could use Article 190 and 199 to put a stop to the situation to stabilize the country; I doubt he would go that way . I feel that he should look towards the oath that he took as defending the constitution of Pakistan is not restricted to defending the rights of the politicians and the National Assembly but also upholding my rights. In my view he could end all this by invoking these two articles albeit 190 and 199. But then….

Pakistan Army could have intervened as the biggest stake holder. But neither the National Security Council exists. Neither 58 (2)b survives. But if I read it closely i.e. Article 244 reminds our dear Army of the oath it took and I replicate here “ I, do solemnly sear that I will bear tre faith and allegiance to Pakistan and up[hold the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan which embodies the will of the people”. Right now the will of the people is visible on the streets of Pakistan and they are chanting only for upholding their Fundamental Rights especially Article 8 and 19th . They want the current government to be ousted and that’s it.

In my view Article 63 (i) as the current government and especially the Prime Minister and his brother in the past has been found charged of corruption and the same Article applies to disqualify the Prime Minister and his government thereof . Also Article 253 could be viewed where Maximum Limits as to Property has been defined and the over whelming wealth also challenges the qualification of the current rulers. Enough reason for any one to step in and disqualify the government . So the question is who is going to do it?

With the ambiguity under Article 6 currently. The President and Supreme Court seemingly neutralized . The fourth pillar is the republic or the masses in my view and looks like that they have given the right to Imran Khan who I feel should call for the intervention of the Pakistan Army to step forward and defend the rights of the people of Pakistan as explained above in my very amateur constitutional view. The will of the citizens of Pakistan needs to be defended who are chanting for their basic rights of living with honor and dignity, to educate and grow, to get medical treatment and freedom and to the right of live and peace. All of this has been taken away under the last few years of the political drama first led by PPP and now PMLN as musical chairs go on.

Imran Khan instead of announcing so many Plans as the timid government has dug in and would only cost Pakistan dearly. Should only announce one Plan and that is Plan P or Plan Pakistan Army for the tranquility of Pakistan immediately to end this turmoil so that our Army can step in and conduct Free and Fair Elections ensuring that a meritorious government may only come in the power. The people of Pakistan would have to ask their dear Pakistan Army to intervene as other state institutions have been neutralized by selfish politicians and I am sure our dear Army would intervene under the first part of the oath that they have taken under the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan if the people of the country call upon them. Pakistan Zindabad!

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