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AIESEC celebrates 10th Anniversary

National Youth Development Seminar 2014 (NYDS’14) hosted by AIESEC in Karachi took place from the 27th till the 30th of November at Dream World Resorts. This was the conference where all the local chapters of AIESEC in Pakistan that is; AIESEC In Lahore, AIESEC in Islamabad, AIESEC in GIKI, AIESEC In IBA and AIESEC in Karachi,  stood together to celebrate the 10 years of AIESEC in Pakistan.


On the 29th of November, AIESEC in Pakistan celebrated its ten years of being present in this country. They also launched their latest campaign “Experience Pakistan” which is about showcasing the brighter side of Pakistan and improving the image of the country.

Mr. Amin Hashwani, the Chair of National Board of Advisors in AIESEC in Pakistan & Executive Director of Hashwani Group of Companies, was present to give an insight about his vision for Pakistan. In his session in the conference, he highlighted the important issues that Pakistan is facing as a nation.


He enlightened the young students of different universities, under the name of one organization, about the root cause of issues prevailing in Pakistan

“What do we don’t have that we had in 1947?” he started off his speech with the most basic question directed towards the audience. As much as this question seemed general, it was however a tough one as he himself chose to answer it. In his speech he pointed out how Pakistan is missing societal norms and intellect.

While addressing the delegates, Mr. Hashwani advocated the idea of purana (old) Pakistan, where there was firm leadership and valued norms. He claimed that Pakistan made in 1947 was the real Pakistan and that we all should look back as to why it was made.

“So where does AIESEC comes in?” he questioned rhetorically and conveying his opinion saying that AIESEC makes leaders for tomorrow.  AIESEC is not just an organization, it ensures to make the world a better place.

“Compassion, empathy and peace in an individual and an organization must have to pursue inner happiness,” he added.

“Go after the root cause. Change begins with the individual himself,” he said, emphasizing that all the problems of Pakistan have a root cause that must be eradicated together and then pointing out that change begins with an individual.

After his session, a cake cutting ceremony followed celebrating the 10th anniversary of AIESEC in Pakistan


With almost 400 AIESECers from different parts of Pakistan attending National Youth Development Seminar 2014 it will not be wrong to say that it was a success. Students from IoBM, IBA, LSE, LUMS, NUST, NCA, FAST, IQRA, GIKI, Bahria, LSE, SZABIST and many other universities came under one roof to learn about leadership and cultural exchange that AIESEC focuses on.

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