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It’s time to test Imran Khan

Tabdeeli aa nahi rahi , tabdeeli aa Gaey hai …!!

These were the words Imran used so many times before 2013 elections in all his jalsas but unfortunately that didn’t happen as PML (N) won that elections with super majority by securing 186 seats in National Assembly.

Even though he formed his government in KPK with alliance with Jamat e Islami but worked there for only a year hardly, started some good projects but then started sit-in as he thinks elections were not fair and PTI didn’t win it because of rigging.

He believes Chief Justice, election commission, a media group they all played their part in rigging as they had fixed that election match with PML (N).

For more than 100 days they are doing dharna at d-chowk Islamabad as he wants justice from Pakistani judiciary and he is yet to get it. Such long dharna has never happened before in history and everyone in the country is waiting for the outcome of this dharna.

Well the question is should we support Imran Khan again or not…? Answer is very simple yes we should, because whatever Imran Khan told us before 2013 election we are seeing it happening. He said PML (N) & PPP are friends and they will never work for public, they will support each other as their interests are same. All the things Sharif brothers are saying that they will do after election, they will never do.

When we look at the things happened since PML (N) has formed government we can say without any doubt Imran was right.

Load shedding , unemployment , corruption every problem they promised to solve is yet to be solved & Shahbaz Sharif said he will punish Zardari and will bring all his money back from Swiss account but we all remember he invited Zardari and on that day 72 dishes were cooked for him if I am not wrong.

Imran warned people before elections that Nawaz will distribute ministries to their family members and will bring them to assemblies .He was right we can see how he ignored Zulfiqar Khosa , Ghous Ali Shah to bring Ishaq Dar , Shahbaz Sharif , Hamza Shahbaz ,Tehmina Doltana to assemblies both national and Punjab assembly .

PML (N) has done some work but most of the projects they have started are because of the pressure created by the people who are sitting at D-Chowk for more than 100 days. And very few of these projects are for education and educated people. Bridges, Bolan Suzuki projects will help unemployed people but will definitely not help engineers, accountants and doctors.

And as far as poor people of Punjab are concerned it is to inform Khadim e Aala that they need food. Reduce food prices , give them jobs instead of giving them metro bus projects and building bridges . Imran Khan in comparison to PML (N) has started projects related to health, education, judiciary etc in KPK.

Elections 2013 was a great lesson for people of Pakistan and especially for those who voted PML (N) and PPP. We have tried both of them number times Imran Khan and PTI will definitely not 100% good but the only way we can judge them is by giving them a chance. Right now nobody knows about the outcome of dharna but in next election people should come out of their houses to vote and vote sensibly, as it is only their vote that can bring change in Pakistan.

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