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A Healthy Change

Sixty six years or more, we are standing at the same place from where we started. The lack of acceptance, discrimination and hatred for us is much worst to what it was with the Muslims of Sub continent before the partition. And then I remember what Maulana Abdul Kalam had advised Muslims, and we ignored it. I remember we dominated the bureaucracy of the early Pakistani state, largely due to our higher levels of educational attainment. We facilitated Pakistan with our experience in the critical early years.

During 1947 to 1958 we held many more jobs in the Government of Pakistan than their ratio of only 3.3 percent of the country’s population. In 1951, out of the 95 senior civil services jobs, 33 were held by the Urdu speaking people and 40 by the Punjabis. During the era of Field Marshal Ayub Khan, the percentage of the Urdu speaking people declined in the civil service as the percentage of Pashtuns increased. It was in the same era when Mohajirs were subject to killings and torture. That black day when Pashtuns were brought from KPK, (NWFP at that time), to play around with Mohajir Blood and it never ended till date.

What is the fear? Yes this is the question. The elevation of Pakistan as progressive, moderate and enlightened State is only possible if the real owners of the country take the charge of its affairs. The world had witnessed during 2002-2007, the Urdu speaking Mayor of 7th largest city in the World was applauded internationally for his extra ordinary work for the city. This practice could have been replicated to the rest of Pakistan, hence the violence on Mohajirs continued.

Pakistan till date is ruled by feudal lords who consider the 98% poor oppressed people of the country not more than animals. Every day we hear stories of violence and oppression on poor farmers, labor, women and children. But the most annoying and shameful thing is that the STATE remains asleep. It cannot wake up as it is controlled by the people involved in the oppression.

How can we bring the Change? How can we end the miseries of the people of Pakistan? Yes, think a hundred times before you vote. Analyze the candidates, the parties, and their performance. Don’t vote for the sake of cast, color or creed. VOTE on merit because if you will not follow it, it won’t be followed for you either.

Pakistan needs a healthy change, let’s say, a middle class rule. Look around yourself; you will know the right choice.

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