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Violation of Merit

In Pakistan, violation of merit is a common practice in government and private sectors. The appointment criteria are based on nepotism, favoritism, bribe and other personal wishes. The beneficiaries getting employment, promotions and other benefits without merit and due process which is inequitable, illegal and unconstitutional, as a result they are exploiting the fundamental right of the deserving peoples. Generally this form of corruption penetrates in our society at all levels which gives a negative impact on the individuals, society and the nation .It  is absolutely unfair, unjust, and detrimental for all.

The violation of merit ruins socio-economic life of the deserving peoples despite their qualification and eligibility as they are struggling hard for their better future and to come out from economic hardships. As we know that in various government institutions hundreds of employees are incapable and fake degree holders but are getting salaries including all benefits from many years. We have been informed through media about the appointment of Chairmen or Executives in various different government institutions, these appointments are prejudiced, inequitable and against the law but these appointee’s are representing some most important government offices and enjoying all the benefits which is definitely a severe violation of merit.

These beneficiaries use various tricks and tactics like bribe, flattering, misleading and false representation, it is used as a tool to get maximum benefits over others despite one’s eligibility. This attitude could be seen in public and private offices. Obviously, these corrupt practices are one of the major reasons which are not only spoiling the life of the deserving persons but also devastating the nation.

On the other side, senior Executives and Directors give various benefits to some of their favorite persons for some vested interest. The same attitude could have also be seen in mid-sized private business Organizations which is sometimes called (Seth Company), where few employees who are not qualified and capable but prove themselves to be loyal for Directors/Owners their duties are not limited to their nature of job, everyone knows their position and status in the Company and these persons get some influential powers over others and also get soft corner in the heart of the directors.

In addition, they inform superior management regarding complete details of every employee’s by misleading, cheating, manipulating the truth and false representation. Actually they work for their own benefit in the Company. In return or reward directors give them extra benefit in the form of money etc. besides Company’s regular wage which they never have under normal circumstances; these persons include administrator, personal secretary, assistant, cashier & peon. Consequently these beneficiaries are exploiting the rest of the employees.

In view of the above, peoples have limited options either to pursue the same malpractices for the survival or searching employment in foreign countries. Due to brain drain our nation has lost some most capable and fair persons who are very crucial for the development of the country in right direction.

In the larger interest of the masses, everyone should have to play their role to discourage nepotism and favoritism and make vigorous efforts to follow merit rules with true spirit for the prosperity, development and success of the country and masses as well.

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