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Pakistan Success: Secret is concealed in the life of the stars

Pakistan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. If you Google “most beautiful capital in the world” you will find Islamabad on the top of the list. It’s natural beauty, moderate weather, greenery, mountains and Faisal mosque distinguishes it from rest of the capitals in the world .Not only Islamabad, Punjab, Sindh , KPK Balochistan and AJK all  makes Pakistan a paradise on the earth. Pakistan is a country with brilliant brains, People famous for their hospitality, it’s rich and diverse cultural heritage, full with massive minerals gold, silver, coil, oil and many others reserves. All four seasons’ winter and summer, spring and autumn are here, best agricultural land, water resources with best irrigation system of the world. Our enemies are gloating to our shipping ports. We are the world’s first and only Islamic nuclear state with 190 million populations.

So why shouldn’t we be thankful to Allah who bestowed us with all of these blessings which is other nations dreams.  In Quran Allah says So which of the favors’ of your Lord would you deny? “. It’s apparent we have denied all the blessings of God and looks towards our masters (USA &West) to grant us loan through IMF and World Bank. This is the main reason of our suffering today. We look towards China to come here and to help us. We have stopped looking towards God to help us in our difficulties. Let’s have a look on the Global Terrorism Index Report in which they ranked Pakistan third in 2013 .They did in depth analysis that the rate of increase in causalities and terrorist attacks in Pakistan has significantly increase from 2002-2014 as shown below.



Now i have few questions in my mind what Pakistan’s rank was before 09/11 and why Pakistan reached on this stage today? Why those who published Global Terrorism Index report are so biased and not to  publish the report about how many innocent people died in a decade due to their drone attacks and invasions to get oil and minerals in Afghanistan, Kenya, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Nigeria e.t.c. Surprisingly 99% of these attacks victims are Muslims.

Iqbal prophesized long ago the solution of our entire problem lays in basic principles of Islam which are brotherhood, fraternity and mutual attraction just like stars  .when USA invaded Afghanistan we made a mistake by saying “Sab se Pehle Pakistan” and feeling the heat of that decision still today. Let see what Iqbal said about Muslim Ummah.

tyfguyTo be afraid of the new ways, to insist on the old ones

This is the only difficult stage in the life of nations

This caravan of life is so fast moving

Many a nation is trampled in whose race

Thousands of stars are hidden from our eyes

But their existence is also included in our group

All systems are established on mutual attraction

This secret is concealed in the life of the stars

Today minorities Christians are not safe, Hindus are not safe even we are divided inside and consider other sects as Kaafir. There is a chaos and carnage everywhere, system is collapsed, morally we are collapsed, nepotism and jobbery is considered as a way to flourish our business and guarantor to make progress in our professional career.

Education is being sold on the name of modernism. Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah categorically described about status of citizens of Pakistan “You may belong to any religion or caste or creed-that has nothing to do with the business of the state”. People who came to see Wagha border pride parade with their families’ and friend’s had no idea that this peaceful parade will become bloodiest when suicide bomber who blows himself up among them. This incident reminds us the last year worst Quetta explosives.

In a concluding note i would like to say the last life line of Pakistan is Pakistan Army we have to stand with them shoulder to shoulder to trample the plague of all terrorist organisations working in Pakistan who don’t care even to attack on innocent children as last year we remember Aitzaz Hassan from Hangu sacrificed his life but saved the life of many of his school fellows. These terrorists have no religion. Their only mission is to spread anarchy and to destroy the peace of society. We have to modernize our selves by getting contemporary knowledge. We have to advance ourselves in all the fields as Iqbal said. Let’s step forward to re-brand Pakistan because every Pakistani is a brand ambassador.

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