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Survival at stake!

Women are a very important pillar of any society but sadly women in Pakistan are prone to oppression. On an average hundreds of women daily are victimized irrespective of the social structure they belong too. Every woman in Pakistan has been somehow at some point of life been exploited, harassed or victimized. This society is a patriarchal system where the susceptible other half does not really believe in providing opportunities of survival to women. Although numerous claims have been made regarding the equality of women but still equality in its real essence cannot really be seen in general.

In Pakistan women have been exposed to the extreme forms of brutality. Rape, stoning to death, acid victimizations are some common topics we hear of on everyday basis. The irony lies here that despite being victimized and prone to such injustice they still do not have any support to stand against such oppressors. Numerous cases have been observed where women are ill-treated where no help is provided and they still sustain in this brutal world with all their fears and pains dwelling within them.

Particularly in the rural areas a woman’s identity is lost as soon as she starts fair use of her senses. Her basic rights that guarantee her survival is taken away from her; crushing her personality. This is the time or the beginning of a lady’s life where she is engrained about her fate and how extreme a disgrace she is to the society. This paves the first step to oppression where they are taught that they are inferior and are thus born to praise and be a slave to the desire of other privileged gender. This is one side of the story.

On the other hand women are treated as some precious stone that is entitled to be kept with all protection in a box. This half again fails to understand that these women are human beings having their own distinct desires and choices then how can she be locked this way.  What people here fail to understand is that they are certainly precious but at the same time have their distinct identity which demands to get equal rights.

What really needs to be done is that women need to be respected for who they are. Give them their destined rights, educate them and give them the faith so that they start to believe in themselves. This will pave Pakistan’s way to a sovereign and respectable state.

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