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Enter to learn, leave to serve….a slogan of coaching centers

 Mera beta banega pilot (my son will become a pilot)

A sentence, my father very often used to encourage me while I would prepare for going school. Well-being fair I am neither a pilot nor an engineer but a professional accountant working in an interior design studio. I am satisfied with what I chose to be.

One of my friend shared his autobiography, to whom it is still a source of encouragement, his late mother (may Allah shower His blessings upon her) often used to say, (beta tum jab matric pass karogy to is peti me tota (parrot) ha jo tumhe dungi), my dear son when u get through your matric exams, I will reward you a parrot, saved in this box.

Now a days, I couldn’t find such examples which motivate children towards education, I may be wrong but sadly it is.

Coming to the point, for which I have written my first blog, is the level of education, especially in Karachi. I am a professional accountant and I used to teach at a well-known coaching center having campuses in different localities in Karachi and it is in the pipeline to have further more campuses to deliver quality education. Although being a part of such service sector I have some reservations.

A race of percentages and positions is started just after students felt that in Government colleges (not all) teachers visit just to mark their presence. I also examined in my college days where few of teachers deliver their best while others just used to visit class to entertain and share some of stories and finally faded away. Here we decided to join coaching centers and achieve our objectives. But sadly it’s good to term them profit centers rather than knowledge centers.

I do admit most of students got highest marks and even positions but getting highest percentage is really knowledge??? Students used to depend totally on such profit centers rather than learning syllabus by their own. Wow yar kiya guess laga ha inka (Wow what a guess paper)…. Students often used to search for guess papers just two to three months before exams. Is this the knowledge???

Sorry we must revise our strategy towards syllabus. Do it by yourself. I met qualified graduates and Masters in progress students they even don’t know what is Debit and Credit and what a transaction really is?? But pass them a numerical question they could solve it in least possible time. That is what I criticize. We must strive for thorough knowledge of a subject not only getting highest or passing marks.

When I have been introduced as a teacher of ‘Fundamentals of Accounting’, I just appeared in B.com-1, and now I realize I shouldn’t be. I just copied & posted the questions which I had been taught. I feel sorry for the students I couldn’t deliver quality education but succeeded to help them get good marks only. I am thankful to my teachers who changed my way towards study. I wish all students could get mentors like them.

Now point is, criticizing is easy rather than suggesting a solution. I suggest whether a student mark his presence at college or coaching center, do not rely completely what is being taught. Search for syllabus and recommended books and do it by yourself. Change the way you have been guided at beginner level.

As I mentioned earlier it’s my first blog and I know I could have done it far better but still I welcome your suggestions and criticism. One can disagree with my point of view. I may be pessimistic in your view. But I am still a part of this industry and I am trying my best to deliver the quality, like other teachers who are dedicated to their duty.

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