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The Actuality behind ‘Rattafication is the best Qualification’

What evinces an individual’s demeanour isn’t that dignified and polished today as was years ago. Contributing factors to such sort of inclination in individuals and groups are many. Very unfortunately, what earlier was, isn’t what’s it today.

It is no less than an opportunity for me to confront various challenges of life bravely, keeping in view its benefit not much to me but surely lots to others. The incident being narrated is indubitably a multi-faceted and an amazing one.

During my long-stay in a South Asian country, I managed to learn a lot, physically and mentally.

It happened so that I joined an educational academy as an English teacher to coach the students of Secondary School Certificate Part-I and Secondary School Certificate Part-II.

The very first day was the day of a demo lecture which I was supposed to deliver and was to be monitored closely by the academy team. Thanks to God, by whose blessings; I cleared the initials and got selected for teaching there.

The Managing Director of the institute assured me of full assistance at every stage of my service at the institute, but his support was unluckily only commonly named.

Everything seemed fine in the initial days of my service there but I never expected of what could possibly happen with me, in the days and months to come.

His (The Managing Director’s) so-called support annoyed and depressed me greatly throughout my tenure there.

What I planned how to teach the students was not restricted to the contents of the course only but largely aimed at the assessment of the students by means of different modes of instruction, also.

I always remained ready to assist the students in my full capacity, but never did the students take the trouble of satisfying me not for my own self but solely for their own better future.

As per my teaching methodology, I was to conduct written tests from the students, after the completion of each chapter of the book, but unfortunately I could never materialise the plan as neither were the students nor was the managing director of the academy ready to accept the proposal and help me out in the implementation of the said proposal.

During my four-month service as an English tutor over there, I sacrificed a lot. Even for the uplift of the academy’s standards, I struggled much but to no use. I tried my best to handle each and every issue related to the students in a highly sophisticated manner, but all in vain.

No student ever co-operated with me, rather some would frequently ask me silly questions as to where I lived? What my email Id was? My addresses at social networking websites, and my mobile contact number. Not only this, but many students regularly remained irregular from the class and others bravely entered the class quite later than the actual time when the lecture got half or more over.

I once thought for some investigation into the matter in a simple way by avoiding all kinds of complexities. The result of the investigation shocked but enabled me to learn that the students who arrived late in the class were those who used to smoke outside the premises of the academy.

Throughout my service there, I wasn’t ever been able to locate the truth behind the notion as whether the students of the academy and the so-called Managing Director were there to malign the image of the institute or uplift it?

The day finally came when I got entirely fed up of the silly system and reached the office of the M.D for resignation.

I couldn’t even utter a single word against his poor management and the irresponsible attitude of the students.

I simply asked him for resignation which he instantaneously refused to entertain. He begged me to continue for a month more, but I denied the proposal. I asked him to immediately accept my resignation, as I wasn’t in a position to continue any more.

After a prolonged discussion, it was finally decided by the M.D for me to continue for another month which I had to agree upon as I was left with no other option.

It once again started the arduous stage of examination for me which continued for another month. It’s highly lamentable that the young generation of today is miles away from the observance of their ethical and moral duties. These guys don’t even recognize the worth of those who lead them. I can only expect a brighter future for our youth. I hope so the youth of today are able to understand my hue and cry.

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