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Why the political elite is down in the mouth with Imran Khan?

The emergence of Imran Khan on the political scene which has been in the making for a long time, and now making the political elite deems he’s moved the goalposts, is entirely a different scenario in the political history of Pakistan. Imran Khan has violently shaken the strong foundations of this conceited and corrupt class of glitterati who has been looted the masses ruthlessly for so long. Pakistani people who have been holding up for a new Pakistan under the leadership of Imran Khan since last year, are now poles apart compared to some years ago. They are now politically matured and aware of their rights and can’t be made fool furthermore by Sharifs and Zardaris. What’s more, they are hopeful that they will make a go of the current struggle which is geared for to supplant the decades long corrupt and flawed system with a fair and just one.

Here a question arises – why the political elite and status quo forces are so scared of Imran Khan? Why are they resisting violently? It’s very simple: in politics change and status quo are two opposing things and they never coexist come what may. On the one hand there are the ruling elites who have been looting the masses in the name of so-called democracy for many years and usurped upon the rights and basic needs of poor people. They persist on to continue the present system of looting regardless how worst suffered are the masses being part of it. They cut deals to conceal their corruption and legislate to legitimize their illegal acts. People are so oppressed and subjected to severe unjustness and unfairnesses by the ruling elites that they find it difficult to stand out against them.

They run businesses while disguised themselves as elected leaders. They legitimize their looting of public money and think it their privilege. They come in to power through rigging and dishonesty and therefore don’t care of people’s sufferings. It’s actually a dynastic system being run by two families and there is nothing good for common people though they are brought to polling stations in the name of democracy and hollow slogans of betterment. Once in power, they kick them around and don’t bother serving them. Public money has been looted ruthlessly by them for erecting business empires within the country and abroad. Common people are nothing but worms in their eyes though they live luxurious lifestyle on their money. They won’t let the current system go easily because it’s beneficial for their businesses and looting. Moreover, now they have groomed their children to rule the masses as their vassals.

On the other hand there is Imran Khan who’s advocating change, stands for justice, fair-play and struggling for a corruption-free and truly democratic Pakistan. He is the hero of millions Pakistanis within as well outside the country. He’s making every effort for the rights of poor lots of this wretched country. So we see why the middle and poor classes thronged the PTI Jalsas in million across the country. It’s very promising that the urban educated middle class is also following Imran Khan for Naya Pakistan. One thing is clear – that in Naya Pakistan there is no room for the current corrupt political elite and forces of status quo. So why they got together to save the ‘system’ from derailment otherwise they will be doomed for ever.

Imran Khan’s sit-in and rallies made it possible for millions of Pakistanis to say aloud what they have been feeling for a long time. He gave the dumb lots tongue who were tyrannically oppressed by the vicious rulers. He engendered favourable circumstances for the masses to fight for their rights and stand up to their corrupt leaders. Go Nawaz Go chant is a big success of PTI sit-in which will eventually bring Nawaz government to its knees. The ruling elites and their stooges are worried if the ongoing struggle succeeded, they will certainly be held accountable for their looting. Their business empires will collapse and with it their decades long tyrannical rule come to an end. Mere the fear of accountability, conceding their rule, and stop to their luxurious lifestyle is eroding them and disrupted their sleep. Imran Khan is their worst nightmare though they are united and struggling hard to avert the current mess but reality is different what they have been mulling over for the last three months. Pakistani people have decided to support Imran Khan for change and Naya Pakistan.

Had Imran Khan not come out for poor people and held sit-in, the government wouldn’t have decreased petroleum prices. Maryam Nawaz was appointed as chairperson of Prime Minister Youth Loan Programme by her father, she wouldn’t have resigned if Imran Khan hadn’t stood for the rights of poor people and awakened them from deep slumber. What’s her qualification for that post? Only being daughter of Nawaz Sharif. It’s an irony that youths of our country were being given loans by princess of our corrupt monarch. But humiliated and demeaning was Maryam Nawaz when she ‘voluntarily tendered resignation’. It’s change we have been waiting for for years and brought about by Imran Khan.

Pakistani people had acquiesced in the previous regimes of Nawaz Sharif and PPP but nothing came out good which could have improved their lives. Now they are pinning their hopes on Imran Khan that he will redress their longstanding grievances which have been unaddressed for decades. He’s persistently highlighting the achilles heels of the current corrupt regime of PML-N. It’s actually a training of the people in democracy. His sit-in and rallies made it possible for the masses to know the obnoxious faces of status quo leaders who suck their blood.

Some critics argue that after sit-in Imran Khan’s popularity graph is declining but as we noticed, it’s on the rise and at present he is the most popular leader of Pakistan. Before the 2013 general elections, Imran Khan’s popularity was rising steadily. At Lahore Jalsa on March 13, 2013, he managed a brilliant crowd of 150,000 – 200,000. That was a well planned Jalsa with a lot of effort have been put in and he managed to gather such a large crowd. During the sit-in, on a few days notice, he gathered close to a million people and held the biggest public gathering of Pakistan history in Lahore. I ask those critics whether popularity is going up or down. His popularity is its zenith at the present time. It’s undoubtedly certain that he will unfetter the masses from the bondage of status quo leaders though it will take time. Something big will definitely demand sacrifices, time and of course courage and forbearance. Pakistani people have made their minds following Imran Khan to achieve Naya Pakistan no matter what happens.

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