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Old Is Gold – A Boomerang of Modern Day Food Choices

Human evolution is undoubtedly the most bizarre concept. It appears to have sprawled through dynamic life changes on one hand, while on the other the human race is completely oblivious of the fact. A number of examples can be counted by mere observation of our surroundings. We have evolved ourselves in education, technology, food and other forms of lifestyles. Nevertheless, some old practices have traveled in modern times to take new forms and all such come around the food we eat.

A long-time has come since our mothers spent hours in the kitchen, hoping to turn in a delicious meal for the day. A simple craving for Chicken Tikka Pizza at 2am is not an alien concept anymore; for the online food delivery systems in Pakistan such as foodpanda.pk, Urbanite, Supermeal.pk and etc have got the game running.

Online food courts today are winning over old-style dining options; resonating familiarity with ‘nostalgic’ food items in the menu. The concept of familiarity is not far-fetched in consumer behavior. A certain type of ice-cream that has been there all your childhood will have the same effect on your buying decision later in life. We choose options that are safe because we are greatly familiar with its repercussions on our lifestyle. Similarly, we go for tried and tested food options such as Biryani and DaalChawal where there is little room for experiment. Workplace food choices reflect such behavior since 10-20% of online food orders in a day are received for traditional cuisine alone.

Online food industry, screaming of great potential with a market of Rs.15 billion, continues to alter the way we look at food. As of yesterday, take away and delivery trends were only budding. Today, more than five hundred people in one city go for food delivery via online services, every day. Fast food items in particular were greatly preferred for delivery but now people opt for BBQ, Tikka, Biryani and Chinese, adapting to growing convenience with highly accessible indoor dining options.

Traditional food such as DaalChawal, Qeema, Khichri, MatarPulao and AlooPalak will always break through the noise. The trend cycle runs this way; bring forth what is lingering behind and continue to push forward. Online food courts base their understanding of consumer choice on our digital footprints but there’s more to it than this.Familiarity will always exercise influence on the available options. Our choices will always go back to where our roots begin. Therefore, traditional food items will never run short of demand. Online food courts will continue to make its availability more convenient with passing time.

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