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Three Cheers for Mubashir and Khara Sach

Finally the bench headed by Syed Mazhar Ali Akbar Naqvi has provisionally lifted the ban on ARY’s top rated program “ Khara Sach” hosted by Mubashir Luqman . The honorable court has issued provisional orders on 17th of November and allowed Mubashir luqman to host the show until next hearing on 27th Nov 2014.

Khara sach has proved itself as the most famous program ever in the history of Pakistan’s media. It has surpassed many others which were considered as the lords of this field. Previously the show timing was utilized for watching dramas and other activities by the nation but ‘Khara Sach’ has now occupied the time and space in the minds of people. Not only in domestic, but it is equally famous in overseas Pakistanis.

The nation has now started calling Mubashir Luqman as son of the nation. His charm, hard work and investigating style for truth has made him even closer to the hearts of Pakistani nation. Even non Muslim communities and minorities are praising his work and utmost efforts of bring the truth at front.

Mubashir has not been banned for the first time. Rivals have always created resistance for him. However this tenure was worst than ever for him. His house was raided multiple times and even his children were harassed. Although Mubashir remained stiffed against the threaten tactics and as usual didn’t bow down to their wills.

But fame never comes with ease; it brings jealousy, enviousness and many other contradictory factors. On one hand if it creates friends and followings then on the other hand it also brings foes and enemies. Even Molana Zafar Ali Khan, Molana Mohammad Ali Johar and Hasrat Mohani, who are considered as militant journalists of the sub continent faced tremendous difficulties for delivering truth. But it was their firm belief and utmost courage that they resisted against every obstacle and hurdle.

So it’s not the end but infact the beginning. No doubt the whole nation is behind you, and praying that may Allah bless you with even more courage and patience. But the path of truth is not always a bed of roses. It would further check your stamina and tolerance. May Allah be with you (Ameen).

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