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Don’t thrill, it kills

Sun was rising with its normal color on 11th of November all around Pakistan but people of Khairpur witnessed it as bloody and reddish monster when a fast moving bus bashed into the coming truck. The deadly accident took 58 including 19 kids. Most of the victims were from swat. The unfortunate bus was heading towards Karachi and initiated its last journey from Swat. The accident was so severe that all of the causalities died on the spot including women and children. The accidental bus was on fire immediately after the accident which lead towards the confirm casualties.

In Pakistan buses have now became a symbol of breathtaking. If you have ever witnessed driving on the GT road or routes like Faisalabad-Multan, you would be amazed to see the Death Angels coming in shape of such buses. The driver never care of the vehicle coming from front. They consider themselves as the lord of the roads.

Secondly drivers are least trained and are forced to reach on time in-spite of hourly delays due to mismanagement’s of management. When a driver is unethically forced to reach on time without his fault, then the result has always been disastrous.

Thirdly bus drivers are over utilized without giving them proper rests. Their restlessness results in rest in peace of many. This factor is extremely important for those who are driving at night shift.

Fourthly there is complete failure of vehicle maintenance checking. There are plenty of death distributing heavy and light vehicles on the roads that does not own a maintenance certificate issued by authority. The unfortunate bus caught fire because it was not certified too. Same was seen at Kalar Kahar incident when a bus carrying students was turned over and took many precious lives.

Over loading is also a very critical issue which has lead in overturns of vehicles. For the sake of some money, these vehicles are heavily loaded that puts an extra weight on these poorly maintained vehicles as per seen in the khairpur bus which was also over loaded.

In order to avoid such horrible accidents in future, the government has to take some radical steps now. Government should put some heavy fines on the owners of transporters who avoid training’s of drivers. The formula of Daewoo should be set as an example, which puts the driver 18 months on training  before letting him drive the bus on road.

Timings should be strictly implemented on these transporters in order to avoid delays that would ease burden on passengers and drivers.

Over loading should be severely punished and fines should be imposed by the highway police.

No vehicle should be allowed on road without maintenance certificate and license of the transporters should be cancelled who fail to meet the above mentioned criteria.

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