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Why is Silk Road 3.0 still alive?

November 7, 2014 American law enforcement agency FBI with European made a big operation and pulled down Largest online Black Market of Drugs known as Silk Road 2.0 . This operation is known as “Onymous” was done in 16 different countries at a time and 17 arrested. IM worth of e-currency Bitcoin also seized.

Earlier version of Silk Road 2.0 was seized in 2013 when its admin was arrested by FBI. Silk Road 2.0 is not the only which is seized but a couple of others also such as “Pandora” , “Hydra” , “Bluesky”  all these sites were similar to Silk Road 2.0 and were offering Drugs, fake credit cards and Counterfeit currency etc. Some websites of Fake passports and weapons also seized by FBI. All these were running on the Secured network of “Tor” or “Onion Routing” where is not physically possible to locate the Computers hosting or accessing the websites.

Ex-employee of SpaceX “Blake Benthall” age 26 is accused by FBI to run this silk road 2.0, After looking into his social profiles it is been very vivid that why he is arrested, On twitter profile he mentioned his love bitcoins and on Facebook there is a picture in where he is reading a book about “weed”.FBI Assistant Director-in-Charge George Venizelos said: “In today’s world we do everything online, from banking to grocery shopping. In the same way, criminals have taken their illicit business to the ‘Tor’ network. However, websites that offer everything from drugs to illegal services on these black-market sites are not out of reach of law enforcement, as today’s announcement shows. We will continue to work with law enforcement at home and abroad to investigate, disrupt, and dismantle illicit networks that pose a threat in cyberspace.”

Now you have an idea Silk Road 2.0 Busted by FBI. I am neither a user of such sites but I still think that shutting down the Silk Road 2.0 was a mistake done by FBI. Let’s talk about the crimes which occur as a by-product when the drugs are openly sold in the street. Gang wars, murders, involvement of teens is one of them but when such drugs are being sold online then government gets rid from other related crimes.

By taking drug transactions off the street and putting them online, you eliminate a significant link in the chain of violence between drug suppliers and end users. Drugs purchased online are typically less adulterated with dangerous contaminants than street drugs are, and a system of reviews rewards sellers who provide high-quality product. Whenever FBI shut down some Dark Net websites in past, dozens of emerged after that.

In current Operation, Sources says that less than one fourth of online drug selling business is affected. “Agora” is much bigger name than the Silk Road 2.0 and its live yet. And bad news for FBI is that only after few minutes of the Operation there is another version of Silk Road which is 3.0, I can confirm that Silk Road 3.0 is live now.


In any case, law enforcement agencies and policymakers should think long and hard before deciding to take action against illicit online economies.

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