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Stop Ruining My World, Technology!

Nowadays, technology has become a primary part of our daily lives. Everything is said and done through computers and laptops. There is no need of an ancient telephone either. Every third person in this world owns an iPhone that has all the required features. There was a time when people wholeheartedly wrote letters to their loved ones by hand. In the current world, there is no such thing as ‘writing letters.’ Maybe technology was not as futuristic as it is in today’s world. Nonetheless, if a person wants to write to a loyal friend or a close relative, everything can be easily done through email. One does not even need a paper and pen to jot down his thoughts. You have the modern day keyboard for that! Moreover, the internet has made it much easier for people to connect with each other. There are many online shopping websites that have enabled users to purchase items ranging from clothes, accessories, books, toys and much more.

Technology has replaced a number of things that we, as human beings, found rather challenging to use over decades ago. Take for instance, the typewriter. This classic keyboard was invented in the early 1860s. But soon after the invention of a modern day computer, the typewriter had become more of a liability for most writers and typists. The computer inevitably replaced the typewriter after its invention in 1871 by Charles Babbage. When the computer was first introduced, it took up the whole room space but nowadays, they are no bigger than cereal boxes. The FM/AM radio, on the other hand, was used as a device for keeping oneself updated with the latest news. Sadly, ever since the creation of the television, its use has become somewhat limited.

At the present time, the use of books has become more of a burden for some adults, especially youngsters. In 2011, the 37-year old actress, Sarah Michelle Gellar had collaborated with ‘The Nestle Share the Joy of Reading Program’ to encourage young children to read books. With technology advancing on a daily basis, the use of books is becoming fairly restricted. In addition, technology has taken over the film industry by storm. Films such as ‘Twilight’ and ‘Lord of the Rings’ were based on the books of the same names. Millions of fans followed these two films; however, half of them have not even read the original books.

Today’s technology might have had a positive impact on us, but it comes with a price as well. Imagine the degree of radio waves that encircle us on a daily basis. The repetitive use of cell phones, laptops and televisions has not only endangered the environment but has also affected us both, mentally and physically. Advanced countries such as Japan and the U.S. have invented robots to fulfill tasks that we, as human beings normally do in our everyday routine. Sometimes it feels as if we are living in outer space where everything seems surreal. Take for instance the computerized cars that roam around the streets without people driving them. Imagine this world in the coming years. How different would it be if technology keeps its steady pace? However, we have always taken such assets for granted. Maybe we are too dependent on technology. Think about this world without a laptop or an iPhone. What would we do without these two gadgets? Our world would most likely explode, that is for sure!

The advancement in technology has led to a number of ethical concerns with regard to cloning. Some scientists tend to experiment with living things when they have the right equipment and devices. We all have heard about Dolly, the sheep. For those of you who don’t know, she was a clone who died after a short period of time. While some people called this experiment a breakthrough in the field of science, a number of people have labeled it as ‘immoral.’

I recently interviewed a few individuals and raised a question with regard to the current technology and how gravely it has affected us all. Take a look for yourself!

“I use Twitter mostly. I spend over ten hours on my laptop as it is easier for me to use. I can go anywhere with it! That’s primarily why I spend so much time on the internet.” said Derek Duncan, a high school student.

“I don’t want my child to engage with strangers on the internet. He is allowed to use his cell phone only during the day.” said Angela Martin, a local businesswoman.

‘I remember the days when I used to spend hours talking on the telephone. Nowadays, it’s all about iPhone! It’s everywhere! If every teenager owns an expensive cell phone in today’s world, think about our generation’s future. What kinds of gadgets would they own?’ said Martha Pearson, a nurse at a local hospital.

‘It is a good thing that technology is advancing on a daily basis; however I feel as if it is also ruining everyone’s lives. Think about the seven year olds who spend most of their spare time on Facebook. I thought they had an age limit for youngsters. I made my Facebook account when I was twenty four. There’s a clear difference!’ said Paul Andrews, a graduate student.

‘This world is evolving every single day. I am afraid what the future holds for all of us. We have made this world a living hell! Look at the environment around you! There are factories and organizations everywhere! If something happens to this world, we are the ones to be blamed for everything.’ said Carla Law, an elementary school teacher.

Unquestionably, technology has always been a hot topic from the very beginning. It all started from us. We are the ones responsible for such advancements. I am happy to see this world adjusting with the latest technology but we, as human beings, are not using it in the right manner. Instead, we are taking it for granted.

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